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  1. limit input characters in specific fields?
  2. Web Service?
  3. XML Page doen not display in reader....
  4. PUBLIC identifier
  5. DOCTYPE problem, inline=invalid / SYSTEM = valid
  6. Need to have this Ajax scrubbed
  7. Cant understand the role of DTDs
  8. SAX and DOM
  9. XML and sorting (xslt?)
  10. How to include a html file into a xsl file
  11. "onbegin" within SMIL playlist?
  12. Windows Media Player jukebox...
  13. XSL ignoring <br /> adn <a> tags
  14. iTunes Library Parser
  15. XUL Vs XML
  16. Javascript code getting ahead of my http_request
  17. XML and x-schema
  18. Form problem using <a href in place of submit
  19. Creating PHP - XHTML pages...
  20. Problems -> How to update data in XML file using VB.NET?
  21. rss xsl replacing &gt; &lt;
  22. XSL/XML problems with Firefox 1.5 using XUL
  23. can't control the padding on buttons
  24. XML/Javascript problems in Mozilla
  25. How to validate a XML document formed by a XSL transformation?
  26. Xpath help -- select attribute of selected node
  27. how to convert xhtml-basic into xhtml11 using xls?
  28. Select XML file info and copy it to a .txt file or to the browser
  29. SVG Support in Web Browsers
  30. selecting certain elements in xml
  31. Link a visible node in a table to another
  32. XSL & XML guru help appreciated
  33. Referring to XML Elements inside another Element
  34. Need help with displaying xml within XHTML Page
  35. XML & XSL Displaying Images & Formatting
  36. XML Data Island in Mozilla
  37. Rss?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  38. Extension base
  39. Help! Xml Asp Problem
  40. XSL - five column table
  41. xml site
  42. don't know what to do...
  43. SimpleXML + PHP + text formatting within the xml itself.
  44. Removing Newline after XSL reference
  45. combine XML docs and find max...
  46. Limiting XML with XSLT?
  47. XML display problem
  48. Soap
  49. snippet of code.......needed
  50. What basically is xml?
  51. no clue......
  52. xsl and xmlns error
  53. xhtml strict validate about i--
  54. what is XHTML 1.0 Strict
  55. javascript + xml = ssslllooowww
  56. xsd Question
  57. xsl help!!
  58. help with xml(energy of a song)
  59. Rich Text Format in XSL??
  60. Inline SVG and MathML with XHTML as the host - not just for Mozilla
  61. XML Data Islands and Java
  62. XML Links?
  63. XML parsing character entity error 4 FF
  64. Looking for ideas to accomplish goal
  65. <xsl:for>?
  66. XML and Schema help. Please!
  67. XML Parsing Error: undefined entity Location:
  68. sum values if same?
  69. Firefox 1.0.7 - RSS Bookmark Fails to Load
  70. Parsing CDATA in FF??
  71. RSS Recourses
  72. Read XML file into a MS Word Template
  73. Still in the dark about RSS (Not anymore!!!)
  74. Displaying a random XML node?
  75. VML..SVG...and now WVG?
  76. XML Downloads..?
  77. adding the XSL reference to a XML file automatically
  78. XML data feed failing to load
  79. XML and UTF-8?
  80. ie problem (sorry for the repost)
  81. RSS resources needed. Any help would be great
  82. Rss?
  83. how to insert whitespace in xsl?
  84. display actual html in XML
  85. Pad file with xml help
  86. Geting an XML file to load only
  87. XHTML + Voice - calling a JavaScript Function - SOLVED
  88. remove null elements
  89. Import local XML file and create HTML table on the web
  90. how to create an rss feed for any purpose
  91. Inserting external .txt file into an XML element
  92. PLEASE help me with my pop ups.....
  93. XML or what?
  94. My popups are becoming my hyperlinks..Help
  95. HTML markup in XML doc...
  96. Getting URLS from XML
  97. DTD messin up my iframe size !!!
  98. loading XML...
  99. Tables in XML
  100. XML ? Huh? help please....
  101. Nothing showin in macintosh browser window
  102. How to create columned tables in XSLT
  103. XSLT-extractable line break?[FIXED]
  104. send file via xmlrequest()
  105. Embed Filter???
  106. ASP/XML/RSS inserting an <item>?
  107. XML Schema: Attribute and Restriction Pattern on the same Element
  108. XML (RSS) feeds doesnt work in NN
  109. Newbie xsl question
  110. Handling XML with PHP PEAR
  111. How to create a dvd menu using xml???
  112. Full Height Div
  113. How do I use OASIS catalogs in XMLSpy?
  114. Xhtml Frame...? Please Help..
  115. replace characters in .xsl
  116. PDF to XML
  117. XHTML1.1 - Stretch DIV to page height
  118. Can I use XPath and XSLT to extract an address?
  119. Missing RSS MetaData?
  120. remove if value-of = 0 how?
  121. Modifying document.images in XHTML
  122. RSS and ASP.NET
  123. XML format to Some other format
  124. XML Application | Vocabulary | Language -- Any Difference in the Terms?
  125. Data Island
  126. getting xml data out of my database
  127. how do i get database info out as xml
  128. xsl switch
  129. xsl same name elements
  130. Trouble Using XMLHttpRequest with XHTML in IE
  131. Can xml, xquery, xslt do this?
  132. Javascript in XML/XSL problem
  133. XPath complicated query
  134. RSS - not well-formed XML error
  135. XSLT count and position
  136. Deciding which node is in XML with XSLT
  137. asp code but no xml document to put data into - HELP
  138. asp and xml
  139. reformating xsl sheets
  140. XML and LabView...
  141. display xml layout with xsl
  142. Xml??
  143. XML Tree
  144. Reading gibberish character that supposed to be Chinese Character
  145. xsl if node has value
  146. whats the difference between these statements
  147. what is xpath
  148. xml and access database
  149. Transform XML to ANother format
  150. Format
  151. Validate
  152. transforming based on attribute values
  153. rssense
  154. Mixing XML and XHTML
  155. choose value within XSL URGENT
  156. simple xml question - hierarchy
  157. invalid characters?
  158. CData in Firefox?
  159. simple form not validating as XHTML
  160. How to handle the (TM) in xml?
  161. need help with attributes in transformations...
  162. Flash Music Players and XML.
  163. Problem with Firefox xml parsing
  164. Need help with rss/xml!
  165. xml to csv
  166. HTML codes in the XSL/XML parsed HTML
  167. Forms
  168. sorting filtered xml data.
  169. Displaying XML in Firefox browser
  170. onSubmit
  171. XSL to convert XML to RSS feed...
  172. xml + javascript+ ie + firefox
  173. Auto-updating RSS feed
  174. Creating multiple xml documents from single xml document
  175. should i use xml?
  176. javascript for loop in xsl
  177. XSL! If 2 nodes descriptions are equal merge them
  178. Validating Single Quotes
  179. Pull child node on get element by name
  180. Need xml programmer
  181. xml feeds?
  182. XSL expression for selecting nodes with matching elements?
  183. Having trouble getting started
  184. Newb Confused on If/Choose Option
  185. Complicated XSLT - need help!
  186. Table Messes Up in XHTML Looks Fine in HTML
  187. integrating RSS into firefox
  188. XSL: link open in new window
  189. RSS feed saving??
  190. file not well formed problem
  191. Xml
  192. XSL help needed!
  193. string concatenation in xsl
  194. Xml Vs Soap
  195. Combination of two feeds
  196. Using Javascript, determine the name of loaded XML document
  197. HTTP POST and XML documents
  198. XML with ASP -quotations problem
  199. HEAD requests
  200. Is there an xml escape sequence for a carriage return?
  201. A Little Error in XML and ASP Chat Room project
  202. Any way to recognize existence of text before a tag?
  203. Info On RSS
  204. Using count() function in XSL
  205. Possible to load a XSL in HTML?
  206. Completely New To XHTML - Not Valid
  207. why can't my.yahoo find my rss site???
  208. Xml - Code Describe
  209. RSS feeds newbie question
  210. NEWBIE ... Parse question ...
  211. How to put atom.xml feed on my site?
  212. using XSL in href
  213. Flash in XHTML
  214. Simple xml exmaple.... error!!!
  215. Newbie questions on XSLT and XPath. Pls help out!
  216. XHTML DTD question about definitions
  217. name characters
  218. nested <div> and <li>
  219. Importing an XML document into XHTML
  220. elements vs. attributes
  221. xhtml strict form
  222. Lost trying to read an XML file
  223. Easy question about js, hta & xml
  224. Unrecognised XML characters
  225. XSL - Display of matching element values in same <tr>
  226. Conditional display of cell data
  227. XML - xhtml namespace
  228. XSLT If statement help
  229. What's a class file?
  230. Converting an XML file to RealText using XSLT
  231. Page break?
  232. XHTML Book
  233. An invalid character was found in text content
  234. Multiple XML elements in Excel?
  235. Please help - USPS XML. Sorry, complete beginner...
  236. XML - thumbnails
  237. Tables in XML with CSS ???
  238. Include XML within XML
  239. Problems with <xsl:preserve>
  240. MathML resources
  241. a couple of questions...
  242. Styling the XML document... Questions
  243. Problem with XSL translations
  244. help with automation depending on current time
  245. XML in visual C++
  246. no getElementById function for XML data Islands
  247. XML data island needs to be CDATA only
  248. XSLT within XHTML?
  249. xml problem with firefox
  250. XHTML border="0"

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