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  1. WebserviceX - how to actually use it?
  2. selectNodes confused
  3. XML help for SelectNodes()
  4. Newbie XML output questions.
  5. xPath question
  6. XForms Build Tool
  7. &form in link breaking my xml
  8. making a link command
  9. How do I get only certain elements that have the same tag name?
  10. .asp "string" to XSL param fails
  11. Anyone know how I can parse this XML using PHP?
  12. Generation of xslt automatically for given design.
  13. Sending a variable to the XSL from the javascript which calls it
  14. Putting XML into HTML help (newbie)
  15. Link to cue points in flash
  16. Sitemap Issue
  17. New to xml and need help with small problem
  18. white space under flash player
  19. XML override between element tags?
  20. XML/XSL Newbie Several Questions
  21. wordpress: images don't show in rss feed
  22. New to XML and need direction
  23. Resolved Blog problem.
  24. help regarding onlinewebsite@HTML
  25. XML / HTML code - pls. help....
  26. XML, XSL and CSS in Internet Explorer
  27. XML parsing problem
  28. XML to XML Mapping
  29. Zoom photos in xml
  30. link in webpage with xml
  31. Help using getElementsbyTagNameNS
  32. How to load an RSS Reader in a wanted state? Help please.
  33. Problem with category and sub-category
  34. schema errors - help!
  35. XSL / XSQL list box query??
  36. Help finding hiden URLs
  37. A question about a game file
  38. Getting XML to display in Firefox
  39. Xsl? Xslt question
  40. plz guide me for RSS
  41. need help ASAP (xml, xsd, xslt files)
  42. Word document to XML
  43. Need help with a complex table layout!
  44. XML >= <= question
  45. SMIL issues
  46. Very very basic XML help... (send XML AND deal with return data)
  47. XML not being read by PhP
  48. Break up sitemap for google
  49. Please help...error in windows live messenger
  50. XML to Graph output - style settings
  51. XML Parsing Errors - how to solve this?
  52. Bug tracking for reading XML file using SimpleXML
  53. Problem Using XML to Create RSS Feed
  54. XML to CSV
  55. Validate XML using java taking XSD and XML file as input
  56. XML Help
  57. XHTML lang & xml:lang question
  58. centering everything
  59. XML noobs
  60. XPath to get the nearest preceding sibling - howto?
  61. Using streaming audio in a website created by an XSL file from an XML file
  62. XML entiry list - don't understand?
  63. flash slideshow with xml
  64. my first sitemap, with errors
  65. Why do I get <w:p> w/o attributes?
  66. <url> open in same window
  67. Altova's XML 2009 and Altova's XMLspy 2009 are the same ? what differ ?
  68. XSL Transformation - Loop Subtags under Multiple Tags
  69. best practise for xml responses that include html
  70. Extracting multiple XML pages into a table or graph
  71. How To Insert HTML in XML Doc
  72. Use xml file data to get external data and add to xml file
  73. XML Help - Linking thumbnail to URL
  74. Asp to xml not working
  75. Stripping text from an attribute with XSL
  76. Multiple namespaces
  77. XSL - How to test presence of some node names in all ancestors?
  78. Help with XML-Flash-PhP based Contact Form
  79. how do i display google reader atoms to my wesite.
  80. XML & "name" attribute
  81. Xml in html
  82. Why I don't see all comments from DOCUMENT.XML in XSLT output?
  83. Need help in editing Blogger Template
  84. XML and Flash Menu problem
  85. Spanish accents and special characters
  86. XHTML Validation Error
  87. Drop-down menu selection that displays a second drop-down menu
  88. need help pulling out certain info from an xml file please
  89. Awesome Site!!! Need some help with some WC3 XHTML Code on this page
  90. xml + flash problems!
  91. Multiple Items in RSS Feed
  92. import problem into 2007 Excel - newbie help please
  93. How to allow client to update rss feed
  94. create xml directory structure from menus
  95. W3C Valdation Errors
  96. HELP! embed xml into website.
  97. XSl If Date has passed dont display
  98. How to format this XML?
  99. Loading Child Nodes Dynamically?
  100. URL Link to XML File
  101. XML refresh/display issues
  102. Load XML elements on HTML page
  103. Want to add MP3's to XML without uploading all of them!
  104. Pass XML String from a JSP to JS
  105. Finding out changes in an XML document
  106. Resolved Help.. Functional in FF but not Explorer
  107. How to manipulate video width and height?
  108. Can not find declaration of element 'syllabus'
  109. parsing single lines of xml data into an HTML page
  110. XSL/PHP inserting an additional DOCTYPE
  111. Calling all XSL pros
  112. XML that updates Itunes or reverse.
  113. Resolved Sitemap Priority Tag
  114. XML Help Needed PLEASE!
  115. Sort XML to XML with no stylesheet
  116. Parsing XML with PHP
  117. How are XML documents stored on a computer?
  118. How to swap XML element values using XSLT
  119. Please Help With Google XML Sitemap
  120. php is not generating xml
  121. A solution to mimic JS/Inline CSS/HTML using XML/etc.
  122. CALLING XSL PROS please help!
  123. XML parsing with PHP
  124. <<help select search xml source with dropdown>> code inside!
  125. Help with Phrasing xml with JavaScript
  126. Help parsing an XML file from the web
  127. setting attribute in complextype restriction
  128. XML Display using javascript help
  129. How to concatenate similar element values in XSL
  130. Schema Help
  131. Insert xml into html??
  132. HELP! How to auto increase a value between tags?
  133. Dynamically create XML from MySQL db? possible?
  134. flash xml cookie problem pls help
  135. Read xml DOM
  136. XSL display until eof
  137. How to hide CDATA tag from appearing in IE displayed XML?
  138. XHTML and embedded objects
  139. XSLT Combobox Variable Passing
  140. Resolved Retrieve Data From SQL
  141. Need help with iFrame coding in iWeb '09
  142. xml .net newbie
  143. My first (very simple) attempt at learning XML
  144. Merging two xml files into a third one
  145. Need help with XML for personal site
  146. New to XML - Nesting?
  147. Need Help
  148. Looking for real-life XML publish/subscribe applications
  149. number/pound sign in XML through dynamic ColdFusion?
  150. Recommended RSS editor/creator
  151. Newbie: XSLT Question - Xsl:if and xsl:for-each-group
  152. XSL And Questions
  153. AA3 Server Monitor
  154. Blogger API, insert post issue
  155. Atom ID
  156. How to pass HTML within XML Tags
  157. XML and PHP replaceChild problem
  158. Help with Blogger Code
  159. weird issue(for me (: )
  160. Style/code an RSS file?
  161. zip files
  162. XML and Java String Will Not Display
  163. Resolved xml problem: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object
  164. Question regarding XML & Server resources
  165. Help Me Fix My RSS Feed
  166. Showing XML Data
  168. SharePoint XSL - counting rows vs position()
  169. Resolved XSLT - Convert string - Bytes to KB or MB
  170. Is it possible to do this?
  171. Is the xml validator at w3schools ok?
  172. Very basic XML/XSLT problem
  173. Clickable Sort Links
  174. URL Path in XML
  175. error during xml pursing
  176. Blog template problem - "... is null or not an object"
  177. "&" sign causes my rss.xml error!
  178. Adding image into following xml
  179. How to convert a number to string in XML?
  180. how to make page that there will be many links to subscribe?
  181. XSLT - Changing element text into a child element
  182. xml xslt and css works in ie8 only...
  183. xml links open in new window - simple?
  184. Need help with creating XSL stylesheet for SensorML document
  185. XSL values not displaying
  186. Styling RSS feeds?
  187. XML/SWF Graphs
  188. XML Restriction Problem
  189. XHTML - Help with code correction please
  190. XML restrictions
  191. help with changing font color through xml
  192. current-dateTime() not working
  193. XML links
  194. plese give the answer
  195. xsl:for-each loop problem
  196. XSL - Trouble with specific item
  197. please help with validating my xml file.
  198. XLM help with website
  199. compare more than two strings
  200. Help with substring-before
  201. help 'Undefined root element'
  202. write the relative location for 2 elements with same name
  203. unable to parse an xml hosted on a separate server
  204. Need some urgent help to parse this XML
  205. Translating Xpath Output to String
  206. RSS formatting
  207. Xpath "OR" Question
  208. insertion and search into a xml file(javascript)
  209. xml help please
  210. cPanel XML API and PHP...
  211. which doc type?
  212. remove spaces in between strings
  213. XSLT Decision making
  214. xmlDoc help, looping through and displaying all items?
  215. remote vs local xml on browser
  216. Resolved inserting xml values into databse
  217. help needed for simple code in Adobe forms
  218. Need help finding a copy of Liquid XML Studio Freeware version 2008
  219. XML Adding nodes with a context menu / edit node names
  220. XML Help
  221. indeed.com job roll wont work in blog post.
  222. open RSS feed in xml format
  223. Should I use a table or XML for not-necessarily tabular data?
  224. Resolved Brand new to RSS Document
  225. XML document is ignoring stylesheet
  226. XSLT help
  227. xquery doc() function
  228. XML Background Resolution.
  229. what is worng with this code
  230. xhtml problem running script
  231. Please help: Two errors that I can't seem to fix!!!
  232. What is wrong with my dtd code?
  233. SVG rendering problem (Firefox)
  234. Remove TAG XML in PHP
  235. inside form element,form.submit in xsl not working
  236. itereate REF name
  237. Importing only elements with a certain attribute
  238. xml.load() in safari 3
  239. XML Schema and Math
  240. Dynamic Multi Level Menu
  241. XSL Stylesheet Help
  242. XML parsing error?
  243. Excel Type in XML Schema?
  244. How to write xml data from client side.
  245. Help with xml inside php script
  246. XSL Param or Attribute?
  247. Need to easily convert a rss feed to a xml feed
  248. Open to Suggestions
  249. How to display info from a xml in a html after searching
  250. php in xml i think

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