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  1. Xml and Php
  2. How to modify an internal DTD subset?
  3. XML and CMS help
  4. Using an externam DTD for xml
  5. xsl output to xml with rearrange?
  6. Resolved Newbie XSD validation
  7. The value attribue in XML
  8. how to compare 2 xml files using xslt
  9. XML first time use help
  10. XML file - RSS feed for iTunes
  11. Help to insert, update, delete in xml file using java
  12. XHTMl..
  13. Nice XML editor front end (web based?)
  14. XML DOM Access Denied Problem
  15. Parsing RSS Feeds in Coldfusion 8
  16. rss xml styles xsl
  17. xmlx.xml Menu helP!
  18. alignment help
  19. Open link in same frame
  20. Can I convert XML to CSV easily?
  21. search engine help
  22. Assigning URLs to Images in XSL for placement in InDesign CS5
  23. error message help
  24. XML issue with reading in php.
  25. how to sort data without the "sort command"
  26. login page
  27. Retrieve XML data using PHP...
  28. xml sitemap - does this look like a valid page?
  29. XML sitemap question
  30. [Need] help figuring how to create an .XML file
  31. interconnected selectboxes from xml file
  32. xml ALL CAPS issue
  33. w3c validator errors - please help
  34. Description problems in XML
  35. Simple XML Mistake
  36. problem getting php to read xml file
  37. Looping through pipe delimited list causing StackOverflow
  38. Get data from file
  39. Need advice on putting affiliate url banners onto my blog.
  40. connecting to xml from different sites
  41. Truncating zeros when using an input XSL transform
  42. XSL Concatenate 3 values - having trouble!
  43. HTML in RSS feed via PHP
  44. Namespace help
  45. How to center logo and menu items on flash/xml page
  46. Help, Need to read XML with XSL but tags have prefixes
  47. search an xml document
  48. Pulling information from an XML document
  49. Edit XML File with a HTML Control Panel
  50. <xsl:when>-tag executing when parameter of xsltProcessor.setParameter,has spec.value?
  51. Whats the best way to retrieve a node in a XML.doc?
  52. Newbie to XSL + XML. Need help on something simple, I'm sure!
  53. show HTML stored inside XML
  54. function needed
  55. guys help me out with my xsl ..!!!
  56. PHP/XML error
  57. XML writing data from one record to another if the field is empty
  58. Unable to open the GameBattles team list at the moment
  59. How to add "read more" in xml blog
  60. XML Error #1088?
  61. Pass record ID from Xml to VBA
  62. All i want are just sime External links :(
  63. Distinct Values in XML with .Net
  64. having problem with validation
  65. validating XML against given XSD
  66. XSL FOR-EACH not working
  67. Saving to an XML file
  68. Car Inventory XML
  69. HELP!!! how to populate a XML
  70. XML Table data design?
  71. XML Menu - Two Level Dropdown
  72. Creating clean RSS errors
  73. xml sitemap:
  74. How to change tagname of Xml files
  75. jump to content in same page
  76. Type "namespace" is not declared, when importing namespace schema error
  77. Trying to automate web links in XML file
  78. Large data in XML
  79. xml auto update
  80. Ability to Print Shipping Order from UPS after Order Competition
  81. Help with config.xml
  82. C# to XML to Flash GUI
  83. keywords meta text here may be UTF-8? If yes the:
  84. Parsing multiple children of a non-root level parent
  85. Need help parsing XFire XML feeds for a website
  86. Creating a Counter : Help.
  87. Apply DTD to XML
  88. problem converting &lt; and &gt; to < >
  89. Why is my browser not displaying properly xml
  90. XML in XML
  91. XML/DTD Error - Please help
  92. What's the problem with this? XML Javascript
  93. How to parse the nested xml elememt in java?
  94. xml traverseing from javascript
  95. Writing XML with a simple HTML form
  96. retrieve child tags from parent tag
  97. Need help
  98. Google Gadget Help
  99. Lining up buttons
  100. inserting using xsql and a sequence.
  101. XSL to reference a schema file.
  102. PHP Thread RE XML Issue
  103. XML to XML transformation (XSLT)
  104. Reading Values From SOAP XML PLEASE HELP
  105. XML RSS Feed keeps going from styled to unstyled...confused
  106. XML/XSD Validation - Stuck :-(
  107. XML N00BIE (XML + Arrays)
  108. concat() into a variable
  109. Use variable with If
  110. Passing XML Data from one site to another website
  111. Formatting a String
  112. Displaying Google Map markers using XML data...suggestion for a better method?
  113. How to work with nested information?
  114. Newbie: XSL value-of select not working
  115. XML Parser error
  116. XML to parse info out of a block of text
  117. Create an xsl from user selection.
  118. determine origins of XML-RPC request?
  119. insert data into xml file
  120. accessing xml data as a number, not string
  121. XML - New items not showing up
  122. How to grab only a certain # of nodes from a given mached set?
  123. noob needs help developing xml map/schema for gallery elements
  124. Find a string in text nodes
  125. Splitting of data using xslt
  126. Nothing displaying in Firefox?
  127. advice about XML, XSLT
  128. Accessing Difficult XML Node
  129. setting the Content-type to application/xml for my feed?
  130. XMLHTTP.OPEN format to sent variables GET
  131. XMLDOM IE problems with XMLHttpRequest returns
  132. Creating Columns with Headers
  133. Post XML content using PHP
  134. xml manual
  135. feed wont validate
  136. How Is XML Useful?
  137. xml problem
  138. help! CDATA not working
  139. Import and style a blogger rss feed?
  140. Update client side XML from client-side HTML page
  141. Update xml file on server with javascript
  142. feeds timing out - slowing entire CMS
  143. I just can't figure it out help please anyone
  144. need to test for existence of XML nodes with certain type... please help!
  145. XML or no? iPod coding issues with Hippo remote
  146. What is an XML Product Feed?
  147. Help me please for a poll for each story in my blog.
  148. creating dynamic rss feeds? could someone kindly assist me please?
  149. Xml; vb; access
  150. xml /php dom
  151. XSD to have an attribute on an element and a restriction
  152. Does anyone know what this means [last()]
  153. xml/javascript
  154. Displaying XML output on my site
  155. Google earth please help!
  156. Having trouble with XML and XSL page
  157. SAX parsing XML with attributes > 16k
  158. $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] not activating if(isset($_POST['submit']))
  159. Using simpleXML with attributes?
  160. XML/PHP dom
  161. Hi! I need help on something....
  162. XML query problem
  163. Help linking back to menu page
  164. Xml php/sax
  165. How to find odd/ even page
  166. default framemaker output lacks grouping
  167. xslt required to copy xml 1 to xml 2 modifying values in some tags
  168. apostrophe( ' ) as an argument on an xsl translate function
  169. RSS Data
  170. Errors when updating a xml file
  171. Google "Local Search API"?
  172. call-template within a for-each in XSLT
  173. I'm getting this error from a validator
  174. Insert Update Delete in XML file using PHP
  175. XSLT to XML transform
  176. Can anyone give me a hand with this?
  177. Creating a search!
  178. cron job not working? please help
  179. Parsing XML - Error Message..
  180. Xpath issues!
  181. Parsing an XML file - only getting last image.
  182. Separating data in title tag to display separately
  183. XSL to reference a schema file
  184. inserting using xsql and a sequence
  185. Attribute syntax for a specific entry in a schema
  186. XML Stock Update For osCommerce
  187. Creating a Counter : Help
  188. using and displaying large xml files?
  189. Create an xsl from user selection
  190. xsl:if statements
  191. RSS Readers (Mac Mail, feedburner) are not seeing my feed as 'valid'?
  192. questions about xml, xhtml, xlst
  193. Why do I get "2" and "2-2" in output?
  194. Using a XML & XSLT to create another XML
  195. xml self closing tags?
  196. Simplyfiny XML parents.
  197. using anchors in item link not working
  198. XML/XSL Error loading stylesheet: XPath parse failure: Name or Nodetype test expected
  199. xml , php, webservicesx
  200. XSLT Search Links! Help! :(
  201. XHTML transitional. making page valid again.
  202. XSL help > how to get text what i need
  203. XML help about graphics
  204. XSL Parameter to specify Duplicates?
  205. XML based list w/ pictures client editable!
  206. can you refer me to an e-book for xml
  207. Resolved Using XSLT to add a JavaScript call to the rendered XHTML page
  208. Parsing XSD errors
  209. Schema Help
  210. XSL-FO problem with tables
  211. xml selection
  212. element not allowed in context. last error!
  213. validator: decrepent tag "<caption>" replacement?
  214. validation correction help
  215. Date in DTD
  216. truncate the .com in a string
  217. xml sitemaps: are there any DTD requirements on the actual HTML web pages?
  218. xml sitemap question (xmlns stuff)
  219. XML DTD Help
  220. form to update xml query
  221. Running Javascript from XSL
  222. XML and PHP question
  223. I really need help with a XML template
  224. SVG namespace problem
  225. Is there any valid reason for providing multiple feed formats?
  226. Help looping through XML using classic asp
  227. XML Namespaces error code - not validating
  228. Forum rules post updated - clarification
  229. Trying to use database to populate XML file
  230. XML and DTD not validating
  231. XML and DOM problem (I'm a newbie)
  232. WebserviceX - how to actually use it?
  233. selectNodes confused
  234. XML help for SelectNodes()
  235. Newbie XML output questions.
  236. xPath question
  237. XForms Build Tool
  238. &form in link breaking my xml
  239. making a link command
  240. How do I get only certain elements that have the same tag name?
  241. .asp "string" to XSL param fails
  242. Anyone know how I can parse this XML using PHP?
  243. Generation of xslt automatically for given design.
  244. Sending a variable to the XSL from the javascript which calls it
  245. Putting XML into HTML help (newbie)
  246. Link to cue points in flash
  247. Sitemap Issue
  248. New to xml and need help with small problem
  249. white space under flash player
  250. XML override between element tags?

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