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  1. Resolved Help with cookies please
  2. Date Validation question.
  3. Resolved Textarea
  4. write out todays date 02/11/11?
  5. Add by a percentage rather than a number
  6. calculating BMI
  7. clear checkbox functions - multiple forms
  8. Using radio buttons in logins
  9. Form Cookie to remember the information
  10. Add randomizer to fill-in-the-blank quiz
  11. frame auto refresh - where to start?
  12. Need help looping a function
  13. CSS and Form Validation
  14. Created this cool javaScript Countdown...
  15. Inheritance
  16. Exiting a simple DO WHILE loop
  17. Creating multiple instance of CSS and DIV tags using Javascript programmatically
  18. Large functions?
  19. Using Mootools "FxSlide" to show and hide text. But...
  20. Need looping help for user input.
  21. Problem with script, help !!!!!
  22. help to chick whether the code is right or not
  23. how to use getElementById("x") of a URL ?
  24. Help with printing prime numbers 1-100
  25. Dynamically create graphical line between text boxes
  26. using nested if statements
  27. A simpler approach
  28. Javascript function in new page
  29. Rendering Premade Isometric Tilemap
  30. enabling submit button on website
  31. Get last info of a user agent
  32. Need a function to change variables in a document.getElementById("test").innerHTML=..
  33. Password validation in javascript
  34. Need Help about getElementById() Method..
  35. Where is the css coming from?
  36. Numbers only validation in JAVASCRIPT
  37. make array change weekly?? :(
  38. Alert with style ?
  39. How to alert the right answer?
  40. changing array elems
  41. Javascript Regex Validation.
  42. Every time I click a button I need a function to run once.
  43. Styling the first div with different css to the rest
  44. Programmatically create CSS using ExtJS (Ext.util.CSS.createStyleSheet)
  45. Insert a custom array into a calendar array.
  46. What the .....
  47. Why does my average value come up NaN?
  48. trying to figure out "post.message"
  49. window.open then using window.close after. Getting error.
  50. Double click to remove?
  51. 2 Vlaue from an option - dropdowns
  52. Displaying Dates
  53. How would I multiply the values from the two radio buttons?
  54. Image motion by drag or mouse swipe
  55. How to add link to sub-menu? Please help
  56. validating error
  57. Pop out nagivations?
  58. nested for loops..
  59. Javascript Headlines...Straight out of the Book, but answer not displaying on page
  60. How to Display Latest Content?
  61. Reading and Displaying current URL In HTML IFrame
  62. Javascript issue
  63. database connection with javascript
  64. refresh second iframe from first
  65. Need some help if this is already created or not..
  66. Javascript redirect issue with PHP index
  67. Jquery date and time difference
  68. New to JavaScript and need HELP in HTML
  69. Dynamically embedding youtube video
  70. Replace words that comes from rss feed
  71. How do I find out if visitor has JavaScript turned off or not
  72. Toggle visibility after a link is followed
  73. Redirect now working quite right...
  74. Need help with creating a function using date methods
  75. XMLHttpRequest Problem
  76. String Formatting Question
  77. JS if time is between another time
  78. javascript and Opera. How come this works on all other browsers but opera?
  79. Need help on HTML to js conversion.
  80. Javascript form dependecy
  81. Javascript in web page refuses to work in IE8
  82. Problem with images not showing in java gallery
  83. javascript image rollover to revert back
  84. Help Rotating Javascript Scripts
  85. multiple radio button field form validation
  86. selecting the highest calculated average of varioous data inputs
  87. Need to get values from Dynamic textboxes in an array and validate it
  88. Javascript Error in Firebug, Please Help!!!
  89. IE help
  90. comma separated values validation in javascript
  91. load select options from other select box
  92. Problem with JavaScript code, Please help
  93. Alert When Moving Out of Web Page
  94. SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'style': object is null or undefined
  95. Major, but maybe simple issue, please help
  96. onMouseout delay for div menu box?
  97. javascript function not called in PHP
  98. Newb At js, Forms.JS wont send
  99. click thumbnail to change full background div image.
  100. JavaScript HTML string?
  101. Dependent DropDownLIst Parent / Child common element
  102. Creating a code to search a series of random numbers
  103. Dragable images with editable text that follows
  104. random background music?
  105. How to change option tag values with prompt window inputs...
  106. indexOf or RegExp?
  107. Function Help
  108. Image/Video Gallery
  109. auto increment id for a javascript generated checkbox list (input)
  110. Play '.wav' sound file on ALERT
  111. php in javascript
  112. For Loops
  113. Javascript not found error HTTPS
  114. updating div with text from ckeditor - getting styles to work
  115. Use timer instead of a button
  116. Program not running in order
  117. Need Help for a JS program
  118. Cookies for shopping cart
  119. Beginner animation crash error
  120. I'm newbie Please help about ceiling this javascript
  121. Multidimensional array search with unique and ascending order
  122. undefined variable?
  123. addEventListener issue
  124. Javascript limiting output
  125. how the code is executed
  126. VariableName.length contains 0 when it should cantain a number greater then 0
  127. javascript help
  128. Other input methods besides prompts?
  129. Toggle script text display
  130. new to javascript - clear checkbox function
  131. add row with text size
  132. Help with simple javascript
  133. Generic Animation Time Question
  134. Javascript not working in IE
  135. Using external HTML code in a Javascript file.
  136. Dynamically add Functions to other Function
  137. Average from loops without arrays nor functions?
  138. object practice example not working
  139. Help w/ Javascript in 64 bit browser
  140. Show / Hide Div with no page reload?
  141. JavaScript Stacking Order
  142. How to change text color using javascript
  143. focus return
  144. Giving a function a variable?
  145. Please Help!!
  146. Having Problems with Tab Javascript in IE
  147. Need help with JavaScript assignment.
  148. Confirmation dialog does not appear in firefox
  149. Calling window alert in Javascript to HTML body
  150. some clarifications
  151. Prompt within loops?
  152. Newbie need help to make javascript
  153. caesar shift js roadblock
  154. Need Help with an assigment about grade average!
  155. For Loop question.
  156. Need help on this code
  157. Newbie need function help
  158. Making a diamond with number of stars that user inputs
  159. Assignment For College: Please Help
  160. JavaScript fails to add properly, adds as if strings are present?
  161. Help with Javascript / Php form please
  162. New to JavaScript
  163. Get Form Data Befor Submit
  164. I can not run this code.
  165. Javascript causing 500 server error?
  166. Radian Angle - Sine Cos higher magnitude..
  167. Markers won't show on google maps
  168. Form to display automatically 3 calculated values
  169. xmlhttprequest
  170. Search multiple search engines
  171. Sencha nested list?
  172. JavaScript Form submission
  173. Javascript problem with Validation of US and Canada zip codes
  174. collecting checkbox values, putting it into hidden textfield
  175. Does anyone recognize what type of string this is?
  176. reorder a mysql query with javascript
  177. setTimeout - is this right / legal?
  178. in array?
  179. Unable to get popup help to work for <textarea>
  180. explain how this works
  181. Javascript: MD5
  182. adding line to array
  183. Text colour change
  184. Adding postno. like in this forum
  185. Controlling CSS padding values using Javascript
  186. Generate a table with images using external javascript.
  187. JavaScript ampersand in alert box??
  188. Searching Class/ID via looping
  189. Simple Form Data Collection - 1-Field - Do it in JS?
  190. New to Java script help with program
  191. DOM slideshow
  192. Only part of function working
  193. How to handle GUI interaction using JavaScript
  194. Pop ups not working in IE8
  195. Resetting Value Attribute to Blank
  196. Javascript array combination Item & value
  197. Trying to get the Age calculator work
  198. checkbox item as alert
  199. Need help with javascript code
  200. Buttons with same Javascript name but of different value.
  201. copy data between form fields
  202. Create an actionscript drop down box and image slider?
  203. Reading Input Type=Image or Multiple Submit Buttons
  204. Random Seating Selection Using Javascript
  205. Halved Background Image
  206. 2 nearly indentical scripts on one page...
  207. Resolved Help with onSubmit in javascript
  208. Determining Factors
  209. Code deprecated?
  210. Javascript dynamically generated form
  211. Modifying a java script.
  212. Drop down menu to appear above image slider?
  213. Javascript working locally but not when uploaded to hosting server
  214. Optimization help needed
  215. POP Up Window form
  216. share this button problem
  217. Help with javascript please!
  218. noob needs help
  219. Spry Validation Problem
  220. Using JavaScript to send a HTML FORM
  221. Cookies
  222. Setting / Getting cookies
  223. Simple line of code... please interpret
  224. Resolved Show/Hide Multiple Layers - Need Help
  225. making the contents of a textarea appear inside a div on the same page
  226. Belated PNG Only Works on shift + refresh?
  227. How to refresh a webpage using a event from another page?
  228. Possible scope issue with closures
  229. Javascript help! auto select
  230. Resolved Modifying css style of an ID with javascript
  231. Recreate a menu like this one
  232. Question about code I found.
  233. Disable Radio Button
  234. Can solve basic code?
  235. Single-page-app in HTML5 for IPTV
  236. does document.getElementById work with form elements
  237. Google Maps: Database markers shown, but how to record?
  238. Accessing the array index of an input field
  239. Newbie JavaScript problem
  240. Drag and Drop Text Box . . . sort of
  241. Load and show XML file contents (DFXP)
  242. Help with refresh!!
  243. Troubleshooting textbox validation
  244. Random iframe rotater that shows once per visitor
  245. rolldown (showhide) menu problem in Opera
  246. Trouble using selectedIndex as a var
  247. Having trouble making a SIMPLE script
  248. prefix required for two character toString(36)
  249. Can you resize dynamically built iframe
  250. need help getting applying a click event

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