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  1. JavaScript help!
  2. How to create JavaScript for loop for my code
  3. Resolved placing php before a java redirect
  4. Simple Javascript not working in firefox.
  5. Sendcommand join Help
  6. ChildBrowser + Cordova 1.7 errors please help - not an object
  7. ChildBrowser
  8. cross os script problem
  9. Disable Item in a Select (Combo) box
  10. Help with active state on Navigation
  11. Basic form validation question
  12. regex to get referring domain
  13. Javascript Extension Method how do I make one??
  14. div appear between two points?
  15. Cascading DropDown Lists..
  16. always start at top on page refresh?
  17. JavaScript error?
  18. Accessing the query string.
  19. Javascript to detect mobile and touchpad devices
  20. I need to know how to validate password field after it exceeds the max limit
  21. Need help in moving focus to the next textfield
  22. Uncaught ReferenceError: btnClick is not defined
  23. help with safe decimal maths
  24. calcCost function not displaying correct amount
  25. Using JS to changing the background color in a drop down.
  26. Javascript is easy to learn online
  27. Can I make a changing hyperlink?
  28. className changer function only works for the first result
  29. Formatting font query
  30. how do you replace a char in a string
  31. stop ie loading in compatibility view
  32. warning message
  33. remove invisible char space in string
  34. Getting values of H1 tag based on URL
  35. filtering form input - going wrong
  36. quick question about scrolling HTML
  37. Script not working in IE
  38. initialise play requests from within IFRAME pages
  39. Change submit button text based on radio button selected
  40. Kindly help me in making a slideshow
  41. Resolved Calculator Help
  42. Javascript swap layers question..
  43. Functions don't work correctly when page reloads?
  44. Resolved Getting the SUM of the values in Listbox
  45. Counting grand totals of check boxes
  46. Problem in Multiple onkey event
  47. Pulling Part of a Form via Ajax
  48. Code to clear a text field not working
  49. Can't Figure Out - document.getElementById
  50. Server Tracker
  51. Google Chrome doesn´t support iframe innerHTML?
  52. Updating a form value
  53. Multiple scripts conflict?
  54. Need assistance with adding additional table rows --ajax
  55. HELP: Copy and Save to a notepad onclick
  56. Page with multiple forms. onblur issue
  57. test a string then return
  58. Javascript switch case problem
  59. Add text Field When Radio Button Is Selected
  60. Generating Day Drop down menu based on month chosen
  61. replacing video/animation with still image on playback end
  62. Javascript Math Calculation in Adobe PDF
  63. help with count up/down timer
  64. Switching buttons between enabled and disabled
  65. W3C Validation..
  66. Does this code contain a trojan?
  67. Javascript wont load in IE - Please Help
  68. Help with JavaScript checklist app
  69. Form Validation Problem
  70. Count Up Script?
  71. html5 video currentFrame playback
  72. Resolved One works and One Doesn't. Why?
  73. Javascript cookie to save background
  74. javascript function does not read any thing from externjson_encode(mysql_fetch_array)
  75. Array in javascript
  76. object oriented javascript
  77. Does JavaScript Support OOPs?
  78. Help Building on a Exit Splash Alternative
  79. document.forms[0 undefined]
  80. Need help with this js/php configuration
  81. Scientific Notation to standard decimal
  82. Javascript problem, can't get code to work on a website (beginner)
  83. Javascript rich text editor dropdown lists position bug
  84. Javascript Clock h:mm TT format
  85. Javascript Clock h:mm TT format
  86. multiple getelementbyid
  87. Someone help please
  88. Does it matter what value we give the bet?
  89. Redirect using Cookie data
  90. Trying to Paginate Images and Zoom Them
  91. EASY - if condition needs help
  92. ensure input text block has 6 decimal place
  93. decimal calculation accurately
  94. calculation within form before submit
  95. Textarea partially readonly
  96. Change background to White
  97. Simple javascript redirect button
  98. Javascript conflict issue
  99. Help for Developing Script
  100. call a function after <td>
  101. help with image coordinates
  102. javascript ms word table
  103. Can google chrome extensions monitor page activity?
  104. loops for countdown timers
  105. Javascript submit button
  106. Keeping something in place with x,y coordinates regardless of screen size
  107. Closure in javascript
  108. I need help.
  109. Best way to include an html file with JavaScript
  110. Google Search box - new window
  111. Need help: getTimeZoneOffset
  112. IE issue when deleting block of selected text in textarea
  113. RegEx? Will this match?
  114. Simple javascript loop query for a beginner
  115. scroll to bottom of div
  116. Preventing a user to click a second time
  117. Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion not working
  118. Help setting up this carousel plugin
  119. adding a counter
  120. Auto Trigger
  121. Gmail Mail Merge Script
  122. changing a html file's name by js
  123. Javascript login form HELP
  124. Help sending data from javascript to form
  125. A Unique Problem - Ignoring Placing Page on Back Button History
  126. Future Date Validation
  127. Drop down menu - javascript new window
  128. Changing Tags in another Textarea
  129. document.write PLEASE HELP
  130. How to attach a file to a mail using JS?
  131. Javascript to draw shapes
  132. inline frame refresh / Pause ?
  133. JavaScript quotation marks and apostrophes
  134. Checking 2D array line lengths of equal content
  135. Need help with my javascript Assignment
  136. Simple Simple Random String Generator Acting Erratically?
  137. Tabbed Menu help
  138. Website Ideas for clean/cool interaction
  139. Storing data in an array
  140. Horizontal scrolling site with several vertical scrolling columns
  141. Getting checkbox value
  142. Drawing a line in a complex DIV object (Simile Timelines)
  143. Converting an Excel Formula to Javascript
  144. Problem getting Function to loop
  145. Javascript working in test site but not wordpress
  146. Need Email Validation and Captcha
  147. Dynamic jQuery loading, why script is executed 2 times?
  148. Setting up and looping through a 3D array?
  149. How to close .pdf in html iframe ?
  150. Keyboard Menu ?
  151. How to take data entered into a textbox and place it into the URL?
  152. Setting and unsetting variables
  153. Limiting drop zone to one image
  154. EASY - cannot document.write(b) value
  155. Display HTML in Javascript
  156. Zoom in/out function on JPGS?
  157. Dropdown (return current value)
  158. Is this how to store local storage? Can GC & FF extensions change elements on page?
  159. Text box colour change
  160. make a dynamic URL shorter?
  161. Resolved Trouble with Javascript if, else statements
  162. Needs help removing social tool plugin from Java script on portfolio site.
  163. Injecting Javascript on a live page.
  164. Help with onchange event
  165. Javascript stopped working after combination
  166. Help needed
  167. JS random word generator
  168. Need help with an animation project
  169. Netbeans for Javascript?
  170. Help with javascript validation
  171. JavaScript tracking code
  172. js start function doesn't work after reset
  173. Need help getting dropdown script (will pay)
  174. Help with syntax errors
  175. Replacing HTML lines using javascript
  176. Extracting data from table columns
  177. How to show any sort of data with only including a Javascript file.
  178. reference issue?
  179. javascript scope
  180. Adding border when window is resized?
  181. Loading ads dynamically
  182. i have problem with my site js & IE9
  183. get max,min y value for each x in javascript 2d integer array
  184. Youtube like content locker
  185. Trouble accessing variables inside of for loop
  186. Is it possible to initiate an automated click at a specific time?
  187. Need array creation and popping from the middle advice
  188. Preload and Swap Images- my code is not working
  189. javascript dynamic element name validation
  190. include .html file in document.write
  191. How do i make a different ad come up when someone refreshes the page?
  192. Javascript - Access a Global Variable from inside a function
  193. navigation menu, need help with mouseout function
  194. Added Sharethis Javascript to page now my own voting button doesn't work
  195. selectbox problem
  196. Javascript form validation before submission
  197. Resolved Change position: fixed to position:absolute
  198. Resolved Changing redirect based on date
  199. URL too long, so i need a function that'd save only on some columns of postgres data
  200. dynamic action & submit button outside of form
  201. sending data from iframe to iframe (cross domain
  202. document.getElementById() - HELP!
  203. any JS shorthand property for if ? how to compress a code with lot of 'if' statements
  204. Adding control buttons to a movie player window
  205. javascript/html alert box help
  206. Onclick Events?
  207. appendChild with apache ( ReadResponse() failed in fiddler2)
  208. Why is my JavaScript code WORKING?
  209. Please help! to make a program with javascript
  210. onclick on JS
  211. Resolved javascript code producing unexpected results, a ques related to Conditional Operator.
  212. Trying to make a arthmitic code, with interp of the math.
  213. i want to draw vector paths on the the google map with javascript
  214. getElementBytagName
  215. Check if the html url is opened in the tab/window
  216. Random question Quiz
  217. Resolved on tickbox, display 5 textboxes
  218. New guy needs basic help
  219. JavaScript slideshow not working on ie
  220. Can't read css visibility value
  221. Conflicting Javascript
  222. IE9 issue - Breaking My Web Page
  223. How to emulate keypress on mouse click?
  224. form inputField value
  225. Diigo API to Joomla article
  226. Problem with value
  227. Need help on quiz game
  228. need help with js code. want to assign a variable two values one by one....
  229. Javascript not working when external
  230. Need help getting result to display under textbox
  231. Best way to learn javascript properly?
  232. Html5 drag and drop images, send values to database
  233. Small piece of code..is this possible?
  234. Why is CDATA generated in my page code?
  235. Radio button validation
  236. Need help on quiz game
  237. Dropdown sticks when scrolling
  238. Internet Explore(IE) new tab issue
  239. Javascript cookies, saving form data
  240. Div tag- save edited value
  241. JavaScript Filtering help
  242. How do I iterate this so I get a list?
  243. Javascript - Display future expiration date in short format
  244. onchange with submit
  245. Fill field with day of week field upon user selected date.
  246. Add "add new pages" feauture to triple drop down menu?
  247. Googel Maps API - Toggle Circles around Markers?
  248. Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
  249. javascript calcuate volume & total dynamic fields
  250. radio button prompt using js

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