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  1. How can I e-mail a form without the default mail application
  2. Blocking domains?
  3. need help with image slideshow script
  4. Validate blank text field
  5. using a specified value by the user in HTML
  6. JavaScript Function
  7. Conversion To javascript
  8. combo help
  9. Dynamic Multi-Select Combo Box
  10. added new product, broke JS
  11. Resizing a pop-up window based on document size.
  12. Pop-Up window on leaving domain
  13. Changing a:link CSS property using Javascript
  14. is there an alternative to 'onClick' in JS
  15. Simple FOR loop question from js newbie
  16. Capturing arguements from the ?=
  17. return false? return true??
  18. Cool effect on MS for XP updates
  19. "Type In" value in <select> form field?
  20. Netscape equivalent of CreateTextRange?
  21. targetting a particular window
  22. NS6.1 issue?
  23. refresh parent window
  24. Urgent Reply Needed
  25. Opening link within an iframe in an iframe !?!
  26. Embed Images in Script??
  27. Validation revisited
  28. scripting support enhancement
  29. javascript + xslt = a headache
  30. retrieve textbox value calc then display in different tb. url inc. for clarification
  31. disabling multiple submit buttons
  32. Still feeling stoopid
  33. image slideshow?
  34. Feeling Stoopid
  35. How to improve Rollover Funktion?
  36. javascript:self.close() won't close chromeless window
  37. link(href) to javascript functrion placed in java applet
  38. Getting a div block to follow the mouse
  39. Was any checkbox checked.
  40. Trouble using list tags in document.write
  41. script in css document? Please read
  42. A form question
  43. expandable menu
  44. resize window by its own...
  45. Passing vars into preview
  46. Validation
  47. Urgent Help Please... Last 3 days...
  48. javascript error that does nothing
  49. Cookie Popup Doesnt work correctly
  50. Need help with rollover script that almost works
  51. image slideshow
  52. Java Script Newbie needs help!
  53. Help please!!!!!
  54. disabling dropdown when another dropdown = value
  55. Multiple screens, and window with no title bar - is it possible?
  56. Close windows after loading
  57. Fieldset
  58. tell a friend
  59. Form Validation
  60. Need scrollbar color script please
  61. all-command reference for jscript
  62. get rid of pop-ups , banners and adverts
  63. Starting External Script
  64. Anybody know whassup with this?
  65. How to get a window to auto close
  66. Javascript 'submit' a predefined form?
  67. Open/Close Frames/Windows using javascript?
  68. Award Script (using popup windows)
  69. Problem with a for loop and storing into variables
  70. Changing dropdown
  71. (Javascript) I cannot access an element from an iFrame that is on the main page.
  72. Need Help. Timed Popunder Script
  73. Pop up windows and calendar causing form to reset when user returns to form
  74. Using Double ComboBox in a Form (ASP/CDONTS).
  75. Using Anchors in Popup
  76. Download Music
  77. Is It Possible To Use The "anfy Bookflip Applet" More Than Once On A Page?
  78. OnChange Variables, making and using them.
  79. Scoring 25 <Select> buttons in a JavaScript Form
  80. How to find out if a link was opened in a new window?
  81. Window closing
  82. Image loader bug
  83. netscape 4.x - td object problem
  84. problem with script :P
  85. warn a user to save information before skipping to other links(on the same screen or
  86. sms script
  87. having 2 'else' in one script
  88. frame
  89. Show images whenever selected in a combo box
  90. Limit number of entries in a text area
  91. Ne6
  92. How to pass an xsl tag as argument
  93. Send form results to a text file
  94. Viewer title to textbox?
  95. OnChange event
  96. "Back link"
  97. IFRAME Javascript menu
  98. formVirus
  99. history.go(-1)
  100. select all script for checkbox
  101. Default selection of value in drop down list
  102. Delete elements from a select list, doesnt work?
  103. preventing from refreshing a page
  104. MM_jumpMenu define target
  105. need to know the syntax for setting up simple math functions in Java Script
  106. Oh Nescape gods, what sin have I comitted now?
  107. Getting title of page...
  108. Need to recognize Shift+Tab (BackTab)
  109. Help with window.close() with frames
  110. Closing pop-up windows with script?
  111. Netscape Issues
  112. Playing sounds on MouseOver or Click
  113. Can't anyone help on no mp3 play in Netscape?
  114. Statistics box script request...
  115. Need Help with Regular Expression
  116. onSubmit problems!!!
  117. 3 Phase buttons not working with layers
  118. simulate pressing keyboard key
  119. suddenly braindead.....ok maybe not so sudden
  120. Need form validation help
  121. Generating an optgroup
  122. Tracking ...
  123. size of pop-up window
  124. Multiple "Animated" Pop-ups
  125. Applet Forum Question...
  126. Transfering the radio selected to a new page
  127. extracting data from a cookie made by a differnt page!
  128. Detecting Large Fonts in Windows Display Properties
  129. Creating Popup cookies
  130. ShowModalDialog function not returning values
  131. Form Validation is Killing Me!!!
  132. Need random image script to randomize multiple times per page.
  133. Pop up window script using cookie
  134. Submitting information
  135. Is it possible to make a dynamic/variable sized pop-up window
  136. Restoring Browser default window
  137. checking for the text field empty
  138. menu that appear on another frame
  139. Where can I get this script?????
  140. resizing....
  141. Combo Change
  142. Can we get all cookies from cookie folder?
  143. Books on JS
  144. Calling a radio to a new page
  145. Error on my Function
  146. Change Text onMouseOver
  147. Payment calculator script
  148. IP Blocking?
  149. dropdown menu automation?
  150. create multiple files from a single file
  151. Website won't play song in Netscape 4.72
  152. popup Calendar script
  153. Changing CSS styles with JS
  154. disable access of html downloading
  155. no menus show up on macs correctly???
  156. window trouble
  157. Netscape Layer Boundry Question
  158. what country surfer from?
  159. Can metatags be accessed from javascript?
  160. Cde issues:..enclosed code for Java script+html.
  161. 1x1 DIV in IE5?
  162. Open a page in the correct frameset
  163. Modifying script so that link opens in new window.
  164. cool menu
  165. rotating banner in a table
  166. What the L are these?
  167. Help Scripting
  168. detect my mouse
  169. Bizzare javascript needed
  170. New source protector code!
  171. Background scroller Java Script!
  172. How do i find which check-box/radio-button is checked?
  173. First Pic of a slide show
  174. :: what am i doing wrong here? ::
  175. Date of birth - form validation
  176. restricting rows in page
  177. I am dealing with forms...plz help
  178. Crossbrowser use of JS FN as url
  179. image target in different frames - help please
  180. making room for multiple names
  181. directly loading, not pressing a button first
  182. clearing a value from a form field
  183. NN4 Browser Sniffer
  184. Need a small script
  185. Disabling text selection but not throughout a web page
  186. chromeless window + javascript problem
  187. How do I make Rotating Popup Windows upon entrence?
  188. A basket in my site!
  189. Alert messages !!
  190. Netscape issue !!
  191. jo6nn, it still doesnt work!
  192. Bookmark images?
  193. Two Javascripts On One Page
  194. How do you find the screen position of a popup moved by the user?
  195. triple combo into frames
  196. IP Banning........That Actually Works??
  197. using 'break frames' AND 'if not in frame, go to page' on same page?
  198. Rotating Popup Windows
  199. Preload an MP3 file
  200. How to open hyperlink in new window?
  201. 2 hrefs in one click
  202. Nav bar doesn't work when .js's are in separate directory
  203. Preloading images.
  204. how to make a button to submit data
  205. 2 ONLOAD's to 1?
  206. checkboxes
  207. counting no.of rows in table
  208. only opening a pop-up 5 times using cookies
  209. two DHTML scripts no a page, one is dead in IE 6...HELP
  210. setTimeout and passing variables
  211. accessing form elements
  212. Alert() and Confirm() JScript
  213. A home page without a menu bar
  214. popup windows with and without javascript...
  215. highlighting a particular character in a textarea
  216. I can't position my layers with these snippet
  217. Alert and Confirm JavaScript
  218. Caps Lock state
  219. Submitting
  220. document.all error in popup window code
  221. ignore browses
  222. using select() and focus() for 1 character
  223. anyone know of this image pop-up script?
  224. Slide show !!
  225. Auto highlighting text in a textarea and text box
  226. Frames
  227. Accessing the frames collection in Netscape 6+
  228. Select box displays an option from onclick on another page
  229. drop down list
  230. is there a way in javascript to create dynamic arrays
  231. Formvalidation: Emailaddress must be from domain @domain.xx
  232. Relatively positioning from a link???
  233. Scroll Bar Help
  234. Write status on parent window when close child window
  235. how do I get back the location information from "save as" prompt?
  236. Popup window whithin Array.js
  237. PopUp Window within Array
  238. wait for a click
  239. Copy to clipboard?
  240. Changing the title of a window
  241. How can i clean cookie when change screen
  242. Convert the IE Full screen opener to NS6
  243. Strange problem with java...
  244. window.print() question
  245. HREF HELP-Code given
  246. detect and redirect client IP address
  247. Need help with a FOR LOOP
  248. How do you create a website with scrolling menus?
  249. Javascript and Security
  250. Character count using arrow keys

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