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  1. Problem accessing items in a 2D array...plz help
  2. ASCII problem..... please help A.S.A.P
  3. Lost with forms...
  4. Is coding for NS4 a waste of time???
  5. can only make buttons pictures? read...
  6. Pop Up Window
  7. Drop down menu javascript problem
  8. prompt user for password!
  9. variables in NS4 DOM...some working, 1 NOT
  10. Multi-line strings
  11. Script calculations not being performed
  12. Passing data between 2 pages
  13. Hidden image not becoming visible on Mouseover
  14. stop peope using i frames!
  15. Can javascript detect which form element was just clicked on?
  16. Menu & "Open in New Window" feature
  17. Change color of text field on focus
  18. Menu - Mouseout
  19. adding 1 to a variable that is a loop
  20. adding 1 to a variable
  21. Link output after clicking on link
  22. Hide image map outline.
  23. ASCII CODE problem- a.s.a.p
  24. valign div tags
  25. random banner problem
  26. toString()?
  27. constructor function errors
  28. <input...OnClick won't work with Mac's??
  29. Force pages in your frame
  30. window.onscroll not firing in Gecko?
  31. Link Confirm
  32. passing parameters using java script
  33. Forms validation help please ...
  34. Multiple arrays and comparing the FIRST and LAST btwn to get price range
  35. using cookies to pass information between pages
  36. How to get a minimum rate
  37. XP SP1 chromeless patch ;)
  38. Undefined Error
  39. object expected error
  40. onMouseOver help
  41. onmouseover in NS4...what tags does it work in??
  42. javascript
  43. JavaScript Object Reference?
  44. Hello all :) - Double Combo box problem.
  45. Auto-text field switching
  46. When a flash finish...
  47. replace character for every unicode char
  48. About Cookie
  49. cheesy game that Im working on
  50. questions on focus, and removing scrolbars
  51. Glitch. Buttons dissapearing on OnMouseDown
  52. Blocking IP numbers with Javascript???
  53. Ultimate age calculator
  54. print methods
  55. mouseover limitations
  56. forms and sequencial names
  57. moving focus() off an input when "hiding"
  58. Force text display at bottom of screen?
  59. Next URL JavaScript?
  60. Can someone please help me in creating horizontal menus
  61. Dynamic creation of OBJECT element
  62. changing <input type="file to an image ?? is it possible
  63. Allow only 300,400,500,600,700,800 etc
  64. function in javascript wasn't called
  65. 'name' attribute required for js, but no good withd xhtml
  66. loading javascript with javascrip
  67. I get an error when trying...[JS frames related]
  68. do you have drop down menu script
  69. How to attach an .exe file to a hyperlink?!
  70. onSubmit does not work
  71. IIS SMTP Settings for PHP?
  72. Quick sort function not working...
  73. table cell size changes on dropdown change
  74. More than one ONLOAD event...?
  75. Detect Flash Ending.
  76. Problems with <A> and <form> inside a script
  77. include javascript
  78. How to use Javascript to get HTTP Header variables?
  79. split string into two variables
  80. countdown to hour:minute HELP!
  81. Webpage window size how do I.....
  82. Keeping associations in a multi-column sort...
  83. how to submit javascript validated form to CGI script
  84. first time visit - this page, after that - this page
  85. talking to frame pages using filters ???
  86. An old and simple question, not answered yet
  87. mark navigation
  88. Listing items from text file on one page
  89. javascript and printing - urgh!
  90. Gate Keeper JavaScript
  91. New Window Script
  92. expend the text input
  93. :: setting values of select box based on variables ::
  94. How To Set Auto Print On Print Friendly Version
  95. problems with frames and hyperlinks
  96. Dynamic Password Generation
  97. Custom object and calling its method continously in constructor function
  98. totally chromeless...
  99. Programming pdf forms
  100. Proper Window Handling
  101. how to tell a select object which option to highlight?
  102. Image rotation script does not appear
  103. Textarea format
  104. script conflict
  105. printing inside ie
  106. image preload question
  107. Urgent - hidden table please help
  108. Floating layer
  109. variable inside frame
  110. Layers
  111. general javascript question
  112. Processing user input inside a loop
  113. Screen resolution detect - return different stylesheets
  114. onload
  115. Adding a row and form items to a table without refreshing the page
  116. Full screen mode
  117. internet date ??
  118. using php includes inside javascript?
  119. how to get at div property in iframe
  120. Thanks!
  121. Please help
  122. when a FORM is posted...launch poup INSTEAD of going to another page?..possible?
  123. Arithmetic/geometric progressions...
  124. BIG numbers...
  125. bitwise shift operators.
  126. Permutations/combinations
  127. Reloading an external js library?
  128. Secured Forms with JavaScript
  129. Script not working when in frames...
  130. Toggle on/off embedded sound
  131. External JS files in popup window
  132. login button has rollover effect
  133. using javascript in a shtml page - help?!?
  134. DHTML Menu
  135. 2 Neon Lights Text on 1 page - how do I do that?
  136. for loop w/ select box
  137. Popover Window?
  138. Help needed with NS4 accessor
  139. Mouse Trails?
  140. embedde space in id
  141. Checking array of radio buttons
  142. Multiple Scripts
  143. redirect URL based on number of page views
  144. HELP!! Popup Syntax for multiple popup links on a webpage
  145. document.write loop
  146. Changes to ECMA script spec....
  147. Character codes and bits
  148. Need help with generating a 2D array using nested for loops
  149. How do I make a background jpg static and in a cell?
  150. Searching for info.
  151. scripting conflict on dropdown boxes
  152. Multiple Questions question!
  153. Compression scripts
  154. changing frame content from another page
  155. does getElementById() work in netscape
  156. is this possible
  157. Determining page offset in NS7
  158. Image path trouble.
  159. Type one thing, get another
  160. Writing HTML from a script
  161. JS Button
  162. parsing xml with js
  163. Trageting another freme w/ javascript (2)
  164. Centering a popup, but doesn't work in WIN IE
  165. Need help calculating quarters....
  166. Refresh another frame
  167. using document.write() and calling a function
  168. how to target a form in an iframe ?
  169. What is the code to change the font color?
  170. Opening new window
  171. block back button
  172. How can I make an auto- refresh?
  173. How to reload a window from another?
  174. Targeting a frame w/ javascript
  175. make checkbox reload page
  176. java script muddle
  177. optional parameter
  178. checking if theres a history
  179. Use Text as Submit Button?
  180. processing multiple request on an unload
  181. How to disable a blur event
  182. acess a form on a palm pilot
  183. JS OBJECT and defining Arrays as attributes of the object...how????
  184. email when the button is clicked
  185. cheers
  186. if (document.getElementById) and IE on a MAC problem
  187. change system time
  188. Centering in browser window
  189. Bevel in track of a scrollbar?
  190. :: need some help with developing this plz ::
  191. How to refresh frames in a frameset
  192. Year planner calendar
  193. making a selection that creates a text field
  194. Print contents of a DIV layer
  195. Expiry function using javascript.
  196. window.close() doesn't work
  197. text box that directs user to his/her password protected page
  198. how do you create a button that will e-mail you input of users
  199. setting values to documentment.form.field
  200. Redirecting a web page
  201. Sending visitor back 2 pages on 'history'
  202. refresh page on each load
  203. javascript & XML
  204. 1ly receive filled form fields??
  205. click() for non-input elements in NS
  206. Determing a valid URL
  207. :: changing values of select elements ::
  208. Linking to an image & chosing a background color
  209. Onchange without sumitting a form name?
  210. Form with two submit buttons?
  211. can I detect if a user is online using Javascript
  212. window.location in ie
  213. disabling radio buttons and checkboxes in netscape
  214. Refresh 2 frames in original frameset from new window.
  215. switch{class 1:} problem
  216. MouseClick, Mouseover and mouseout
  217. Create a Share Javascript Validation Function!
  218. It wont show in the form
  219. innerHTML - error 8000000a
  220. Images in a 'select'
  221. disabling the STOP button in NS 6+ or IE 5+
  222. cascading menu causing extra space at bottom of page
  223. Foldout menu
  224. Anti-flicker postbacks
  225. Help with Adding sound to a button when clicking.
  226. tbContentElement ?
  227. popupwindow opens correctly once, but not twice
  228. Two JavaScripts conflicting, but why?
  229. getting <td> height in a dynamically generated table
  230. How to sort text´s Array?
  231. Rollover image not consistent
  232. Simple Print Question - Urgent
  233. assigning two functions or more to window.onload
  234. problem - drop down on top of my global nav bar
  235. How to make popup window without add by clicking a link
  236. environmental variables in javascript
  237. Horizontal SubMenu - Is there a way?
  238. creating onmouseover
  239. Email body from mailto form comes to me blank?
  240. java help
  241. Include text in focused input field onsubmit button
  242. Pop up window
  243. Associative array in JavaScript?
  244. tree control with sorting
  245. DISABLING select box in Netscape? can it be done..
  246. document.formname("element name") doesn't work in Netscape..AHHH, why?
  247. Validating Forms & submitting form data
  248. cookie's and checkboxs???
  249. Mailto Alternate Text
  250. textbox in form only allows URLs

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