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  1. Question: how can i hav the alert say the value of an input type="text" ?
  2. Load a different script based on screen resolution
  3. Setting delay on popup window
  4. problem with element.style.display defaulting to null
  5. Question about document.selection
  6. password validation
  7. Borrowed Script w/ Flaw...noticed when 'Back'-ing Into OR Refreshing the Page.
  8. Customize alert() prompt title bar?
  9. Basic Form Validation Function
  10. Syntax Error with For Loop
  11. triple menu in new window...
  12. Military Time
  13. Javascript help please
  14. Advanced Debug Info
  15. image pop-up question?
  16. Object var still lingering EVEN after I clear the object with a "clone"..weird???
  17. What does the open() method mean in this code
  18. Whats a difference between a function that is fed something, and a function that
  19. checkboxes - index value - rookie question
  20. Preview page function
  21. "top of page" within div w/overflow:auto?
  22. Show Table if Checkbox is checked
  23. 2 Onsubmit functions in same form, HOW?
  24. passing an object to a function
  25. Rounding calculation to 2 decimals
  26. Need Breadcrumbs separator help
  27. response.cookies("Contact")("ContactID") = ContactID
  28. Destroying an object reference, then recreating it? not working....
  29. Changing iframe source with processing page in between
  30. javascript parsing error...
  31. Missing ) after condition?
  32. Disable File Download/Save/Open Dialog For EXE's
  33. Form submission domain restriction
  34. Can't get Pop-it menu running in IE
  35. change password then redirect to member page
  36. hide many div layers...?
  37. Request - image resize depending on client display settings
  38. <function> not defined
  39. Need Script for Image Matches ...
  40. Multiple values in one listbox to a textbox
  41. A wierd script I need.
  42. help it keep giving error... :(
  43. "window.top.location.href" statement won't execute...
  44. document.form.element.click
  45. Loading a Script into the Venkman Javascript Debugger
  46. Need help with onBeforeUnload
  47. image zoomer
  48. EASY Question
  49. big text box
  50. Creating a new subframe containing a form
  51. is this the best script for the job?
  52. loadwindow() - passing form variables
  53. validation help
  54. Help with typescroll
  55. get date of Sunday
  56. incredibly easy question to answer
  57. problems with layers
  58. Linking question
  59. Comparing 4 columns against 4 other columns values. Efficient way to search for true?
  60. how to drag and down a text to a page?
  61. Checkbox values to textbox help
  62. Resize image down....only if larger than 400 pixels?
  63. close this window
  64. the with() function
  65. onmouseover behaviour over a div element
  66. div layer positioning
  67. Draggable Elements...
  68. creating live clock using server's date & time
  69. form calculations
  70. Help With "clearTimeout()"
  71. radio button content switching
  72. mouse on which text effect."
  73. Javascript in e-mail
  74. Need Simple Script.
  75. mouse out text-effect and mouse on text-effect
  76. determining the precise dimensions of a table cell
  77. Need help with increasing volume on mp3 javascript!
  78. Replacing Double QUOTES " " ??
  79. can someone convert this from JS to HTML??
  80. Username/Password validation using Select Case
  81. Combo Box : Display name/text other than default on form load
  82. cookie with multible values?
  83. how to change the cursor
  84. variables sent to a php pop up window
  85. Looking for a Count Up Script
  86. posting dynamic drop down values
  87. Reading the Radio Button Label
  88. cursor's position
  89. What would you find handy....
  90. Right-click menu script problem
  91. Probelm with menu opening new browser
  92. help with a variable
  93. Form validation question
  94. Stop alert window after choosing OK ??
  95. Load a .js file depending on Day of the Year
  96. Form field validation and defaulting select box
  97. Please help with script error :) - Trying to dynamically position div element
  98. script appears behind a flash banner, can it pop on top of it?
  99. not understanding BITWISE - how to compare bitwise?
  100. just need to reference 1-1/2 on script
  101. Dynamic Method Naming
  102. window.print() suppressing xtra info
  103. Grouping Checkboxes: How to make a "Heading" Checkbox control subordinate checkboxes?
  104. image switcher script modification
  105. window.open and select box problem
  106. JavaScipt: Measuring change in mousemove/mousedown/mouseup (cross browser)
  107. Right Click Menu - Admin Staff - not disable
  108. window.open Search using QUOTES ??
  109. Remove Crossfade from Slideshow?
  110. linking with javascript and frames?
  111. how to find if an element belongs to an array in JS
  112. band site image switch
  113. Convert String to Var
  114. var shoe, attr1 = attr2 = attr3 = null; <-- what is this operation?
  115. Random Images with Text for Each Image
  116. How do you do this??? Search data structure, then save the results in a temp array ..
  117. Adding Elements (sub tables) to a Table..
  118. form validation modification
  119. MouseOver and MouseOut in parent window to control IFRAME
  120. Variables for External Text Files
  121. Want to change focus to child window.
  122. Checkbox and Textbox validation
  123. calling up a javascript inside a javascript
  124. How do I remove a character from a string
  125. Want to build intractive calender object
  126. How download and save the file without forcefully open by browser
  127. writing the contents of a textbox to a file
  128. Auto onDrag detection for images (as with the dataTransfer-object for text and urls)
  129. How to control a variable that is being passed to another frame?
  130. Display a message box for a certain number of seconds
  131. Keeping position of marquee
  132. js version: starcraft & starcraft online~
  133. Forum in JavaScript???
  134. Sending Forms
  135. insert image dialog
  136. converting "ENTER" keypress to "TAB"
  137. Looping through form textboxes of same name
  138. I need a GREAT resource on NODES, DOM for cross-browser functionality...please advise
  139. how can i onLoad for the status bar to be shown?
  140. 2 random image scripts on the same page - problems?
  141. Conflicting JavaScript and iframe?
  142. Possible a cookie problem?
  143. slideshow
  144. How Do Launch An Application Without Warning Prompts
  145. Passing form <option> values to javascript
  146. problems setting &nbsp; into an input text field
  147. Displaying form values from one page on another.
  148. Show image when pressing submit button in form
  149. Need help with my javascript!!!
  150. Two scrolling javascripts in two frames
  151. Display details shown in combo
  152. js.script how to do ?
  153. a curiosity about js and layers.
  154. Tabular Data Control
  155. Moving Window
  156. Using images like radio buttons?
  157. Trying to make a Simple order Form
  158. Changing a text area via menu list
  159. javascript, changin style of span
  160. javascript list
  161. Javascript - Hidden Input Fields - innerHTML - Reset
  162. Open a Directory and show on web page
  163. Verifying that a page has actually been loaded
  164. Javascript drop down box navigation
  165. Pass Information from one frame to another ...
  166. Hunting for a drop down menu w/graphics
  167. src attribute won't accept < or >
  168. Ampersand trouble in JavaScript
  169. javascript - opening a window
  170. editing javascript menu
  171. HTML in Javascript
  172. javascript/dhtml menu
  173. Updating a Text Variable from a .js File
  174. using onunload if form page not submitted
  175. something screwy with function
  176. Combineing a popup script with a menu script
  177. Need help with typing text
  178. document.body.removeChild . Do I have to reload the page? Help! please
  179. I-Frame help!!!
  180. Onmouseover/Onmouseout effect help
  181. Picture Drop Down
  182. HeLP!! How to create a search box to search within my own website
  183. how to make page cannot use highlight with mouse dragging and keyboard control c
  184. script to set page bg image
  185. Trouble playing embedded music OnClick
  186. Help with countdown clock in javascript!
  187. Image Time Switch script doesn't work
  188. Help: Hiding and showing table on page load
  189. more then 2 scripts inside 1 page - no conflicts ? whats the problem
  190. on release of DropDown
  191. Venkman guessPattern
  192. moveRow changes checkbox checked attribute
  193. Setting load order for page items
  194. reparenting menu
  195. Populating a textbox based on selection in dropdown - NOT DB
  196. User exit detection
  197. CHALLENGE: The 2004 summer challenge
  198. Sliding menu that's IE and Netscape friendly
  199. Disable submit button AND display faux "progress bar" ...
  200. Protecting Images & Database in a CD
  201. Does javascript have variable variables?
  202. Positioning in javascript document.write("<... Help! please
  203. how to create a table after the page have loaded?
  204. detecting char position inside textArea
  205. onmouseover
  206. why the code wont call on the function toogle_state?
  207. Passing document variables to a function ..
  208. Detecting layer scroll movement...?
  209. Why offsetXXX properties are all zero ?
  210. [REQ] Close window onclick and go to link
  211. Converting to military
  212. overlapping layers
  213. more array variables
  214. Alert box problem
  215. text rollovers using javascript
  216. Javascript date in form programing help
  217. Function Validation
  218. Calculate function doesn't seem to work.
  219. display changing value in text box
  220. array driving me mad!
  221. variable declaration
  222. Differences between linked scripts and code in script tags...
  223. Catching change of value, set by popup window
  224. Check if visitor already alerted?
  225. Adding values to a multi select list box
  226. Help: is it possible to pass a javascript variable into php contained in javascript?
  227. SELECT name of FORM undefined! Why? Please help
  228. onSubmit event handler refuses to send to CGI script and call function
  229. Outputting a button from ASP through Javascript does not work
  230. Ignore href of <a> if JS enabled?
  231. Creating a function
  232. Textbox isnt an object problem
  233. Scrolling problems :(
  234. Menu drop down to drop up in Layers
  235. Stop music
  236. Javascript lookup help!
  237. form validation + illegal characters script help
  238. explorer like tree javascript
  239. Deselect selected Items in Listbox
  240. ONCLICK inside an <A> tag
  241. help removing div layer from screen
  242. using multiple timers in one Window
  243. Regexp replace with function
  244. Help with Javascript and combining iframes and Netscape layers features?
  245. Runtimes change <A Href=****>
  246. :: need some help making function more versatile ::
  247. Finding out viewers Screen Resolution
  248. Javascript and date-specific content?
  249. Get text of a link
  250. Problem combining this code into one function

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