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  1. beginner needs some basic help
  2. Need help supressing the submission of a form
  3. Need help with this logical form
  4. javascript/inline styles in Google Chrome browser.
  5. Close button on popup not working in IE?
  6. Creating elements with javascript/php, need to get their unique ID and send it back
  7. Need help with this Javascript program
  8. Comparing a value against a multi-dimensional array
  9. PhoneGap audio stops playing after 8-12 times
  10. Help with having the 'Enter Text' disappear upon selecting Form field box
  11. Can someone please help me fix this Javascript code?
  12. Square brackets - what for? [0]
  13. Multiple on error handlor problom
  14. Executing JavaScript code in Python using Selenium
  15. Photo gallery images not reAppearing after being hidden
  16. Dealing with race condition
  17. Javascript Form input to field if else
  18. Help with if/else
  19. Creating a javascript loan calculator
  20. Help with javascript/html
  21. function defined but still get error Call to undefined function
  22. How to Change the Collapsable Sidebar
  23. focus on parent window
  24. JavaScript/JSON Onload Not Working
  25. help request
  26. How can I save page settings by generating a new URL?
  27. Approaching function parameters the wrong way
  28. I would appreciate some quick help on making a user prompted Diamond
  29. Need help with some simple JavaScript
  30. Please HELP with Javascript Form code!
  31. Can you write JavaScript code responsive quiz?
  32. auto refresh on google map marker
  33. if else statement
  34. Retrieve multiple strings with jQuery post
  35. Remove a function in JaVaScript
  36. Resolved setting input value from another input same form
  37. Hello everyone.
  38. shopping cart with DOM[solved]
  39. Simple drop down menu - Need help setting it automatically closed at first
  40. Question on UTF-8 conversion using Java script?
  41. Openlayers
  42. How do I create an array of char arrays in JavaScript?
  43. HELP: WordPress Jquery Slideshow - undefined is not a function
  44. please help with executing count up timer javascript
  45. Error:'Form_OnLoad' is undefined
  46. Creating Link to a Variable
  47. How do I rename <li> text/value inside a <ul>?
  48. Need Javascript help!
  49. function showonlyone (thechosenone)
  50. Switch problem
  51. How to get first folder with javascript
  52. How did you learn Javascript?
  53. Count down timer & timezones UTC & DST
  54. Help with adding a pop-up box
  55. convert str to %20 and the like in JS, then PHP convert back
  56. can decrypt it for me?
  57. Mustache.js - Wanting to make something better formatted..
  58. Javascript code to pass string through MD5
  59. Looking for a slider
  60. Help Needed for Lottery Numbers in JavaScript
  61. GET http://code.jquery.com/jquery.min.map net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
  62. Calling objects
  63. getting data from form and display
  64. how to swap divs with drag and drop with pure javascript no jquery? ? ?
  65. When loading the code into IE, nothing appears.
  66. Sub notifier for twitch.tv not functioning properly
  67. Animating canvas when user scrolls
  68. DST error in .js
  69. Regular Expressions - constructing from strings
  70. Making javascript recognise different targets
  71. Table Content
  72. JS Help please
  73. What should coding of the background image change after click grid option
  74. Beginner Student Help
  75. When I try to open Greybox - loader_frame.html downloads
  76. can anyone tell me what im doing wrong please :(
  77. xml parsing questions
  78. How to integrate Drop down Combo box menu for pricing with multiple currencies?
  79. Parsing a string into tokens
  80. Combine four js files into one file
  81. How to redirect a request to a random URL?
  82. Running a Validation Script on Submit
  83. Undefined is null or not an object
  84. need some help of autoclick on page
  85. Storing a variable that includes both quotes and apostraphes?
  86. Slider Problem
  87. Simulating an individual script timeout (or slow load) with Chrome DevTools
  88. Problem with positioning in JS
  89. Javascript finding average from an array.
  90. Direct to Checkout page after submit action takes place onClick..
  91. Homework problem help JAVA
  92. Help with Javascript + Webcam
  93. Trying to add anchors to drop down menu
  94. Code Academy - Syntax Error: Unexpected Identifier
  95. Age difference
  96. Need some help with a longest word function
  97. How to perform rounding and then minus
  98. need help filling a table with deliminated data
  99. youtube iframe and events (problem)
  100. Put accordion in multiple columns
  101. New to Javascipt - Date and Time issue
  102. Wanted table tennis scorer for my phone
  103. Javascript div replace with buttons?
  104. Hi, New to Javascript - have a roadblock
  105. variables, insertions, qualifiers, printing in Adobe Acrobat.
  106. How to use an if statement to disable a button?
  107. Break a string into array based on text pixel width
  108. Regex for phone number
  109. A simple Syntaxerror?
  110. What have I done wrong with this piece of Javascript?
  111. Detecting browser, browser version and OS in javascript
  112. Need help with trim method
  113. How to replace a specific string present in HTML tags using Regex?
  114. var objIE = new ActiveXObject("InternetExplorer.Application"); 2 issues
  115. how can i roundup to nearest 250
  116. Advanced Formula
  117. Need help with mobile redirect & :view desktop site
  118. Beginner help, functions/classes/objects hard to explain my exact problem
  119. Is there a javascript mongodb emulator and would you like one?
  120. Onclick not calling set function; "ReferenceError: doAll is not defined"
  121. Loading images in javascript with error event
  122. JavaScript Practical Learning Exercises
  123. How to disable modal on mobile?
  124. Spliting a string?
  125. validation doing pattern matching
  126. Timed auto-increment
  127. ESRI Map in iFrame Not Loading in iOS App
  128. Print a span tag in a chosen spot with a javascript function
  129. How can I create an independent copy of a voting function?
  130. Converting coupon code text to uppercase
  131. cross line navigation
  132. Annoying popup on a forum, how is it programmed?
  133. How to concatenate variables.
  134. Just want to increment a css property through a style object method?
  135. Help with creating a basic card game
  136. form validation with regular expression
  137. Passed by Reference - Function fails on second call
  138. Can someone please help explain this javascript function in your own words?
  139. Openlayers question
  140. Debugging??
  141. Resolved Javascript Check the checkbox to show/hide the password
  142. filtertable library has problem with tables of 1 or 0 records
  143. Flexslider arrows not in the right position
  144. Center javascript popup help? Missing close button.
  145. How to disable back button?
  146. Help using correct Selection structure to display messages based on two user inputs
  147. http site showing errors but https is not (Google Webmaster)
  148. Issues regarding form validation.
  149. My image gallery's slider is showing the wrong image first
  150. Need help with Javascript
  151. Hiding A Class Using Javascript
  152. OnClick Listener Trouble
  153. Animation
  154. Trouble With Condition, Input Boxes.
  155. Slide shows with Images
  156. Page Navigation Script
  157. JavaScript Drag and Drop on a fixed location
  158. Adding a search function to Google Maps API
  159. Help with grabbing a file name
  160. Help with a couple function errors, possbile alternatives?
  161. images and buttons
  162. JavaScript Form Validation on submit
  163. Okay, finalized my program. Fixed an issue, can anyone confirm if this works?
  164. Finished my first Program, wondering if anyone could help confirm it works?...
  165. I'm building navigation using Javascript
  166. How to take screenshot based on user's input?
  167. javascript redirect doesn’t work
  168. Transliteration from English to Kannada
  169. Looking for a simple way to keep my decimals to two places
  170. Buttons declaring that functions are not defined, also else statement issues.
  171. Begginner with some desperate help in javascript.
  172. Best approach to achieve pop-up calendar
  173. not redirecting me
  174. Please help me for object javascript
  175. caculating total cost with forms Javascript
  176. pin it button loops on prettyphoto
  177. Combine “scrollToTop” With A Targeted iFrame Link
  178. Java Script Loops
  179. Need help fixing a basic javascript
  180. Help with an audio analyser script
  181. Tell if javascript is currently doing aynthing
  182. direct url open new tabs
  183. How do I use form fields to dynamically append values to the end of a url
  184. Greasemonkey Javascript help please
  185. How do I make a hidden list and click a button to go up the list, and one to go down?
  186. Looping a script
  187. Anyone can understand what is going on in this script?
  188. Trying to add a counter to calculation page and then make button disappear
  189. JavaScript Functions That Call WebService Methods Are Not Working
  190. Problem with Java Script Pop Up Menu in IE
  191. Help!Javascript reverse
  192. 2d collision not working
  193. onMouseOver / onMouseOut
  194. How to maintain sortable divs indexes persistancy on browser refreshing?
  195. Help With calculator.
  196. Still stuck!
  197. How to secure api keys in JavaScript?
  198. Replace youtube video player with a different div
  199. Running total help
  200. Please explain for me this script
  201. Text rendering issue with Canvas
  202. getting javascript variable into a php form
  203. Animation queue
  204. I need some schooling on add/removing a table row
  205. Help!!!
  206. HTML5 Storage
  207. ts_picker.js
  208. New to Coding and I need help
  209. Datepickers used for date range - help with setting min and clearing on refresh
  210. my form validation
  211. Javascript game collision only works sometimes
  212. Need to get table row index
  213. form validation help
  214. Validate textboxes using event handler registration
  215. Quiz Problems
  216. Generate javascript errors on purpose
  217. Help with js to highlight current page in navigation
  218. Password Masking check toggle
  219. Handlebars.js JSON setting class(es) based on value/pair
  220. Need help making a simple three value calculator.
  221. Simple form but not working
  222. Need Help
  223. Filling listbox with SQL query
  224. Incorporating html inside javascript?
  225. Posting parameters within javascript functions
  226. jQuery to vanilla JS
  227. RSS Feed issues in Titanium
  228. Javascript for enable /disable checkbox and show number customer can't working in Add
  229. Append a string to search query after clicking submit/search button
  230. Return False method is Producing Double Alert Windows
  231. js autosubmit form works for everyone but one client and they have js enabled
  232. jQuery panels won't behave independently
  233. Ajax Filter PHP MySQL results
  234. Need help fixing my code.
  235. How do I generate a url from variables
  236. changin the CSS depending on the number of set elements
  237. cleaning up code to set multiple variables equal to same thing.
  238. How can invisible one hyperlink window
  239. unable to use javascript variable more than once in aspx code?
  240. Location Lookup: Google Fusion Table displaying Map with Multiple Pins
  241. drag & drop problem
  242. Toggling class works with one function but adding second function does not
  243. Can I use Javascript to submit a page with form data?
  244. Javascript/Jscript.NET :How do I append a string to search query only once?
  245. Can JavaScript get a data from the sensors of a mobile device?
  246. how would i make an input box?
  247. where can I learn some basics of java programming?
  248. Need help with Cash register program
  249. new at java and..
  250. Need to push a button please help

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