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  1. Passing variables from one page to hidden form fields on another page
  2. Problem with globals variables
  3. Quick YES/NO question
  4. delete duplicates
  5. Object Constructor Confussion
  6. Link mouseover effect with JS
  7. What's wrong with this?
  8. submit a form question
  9. Submit button that links to find option
  10. Creating a ...Loading text on textarea
  11. Delete Duplicates Lines
  12. Javascript Strings (please help!)
  13. Browser/script compatibility problems
  14. popup box that auto populates
  15. onload not firing for some users
  16. Search and delete old files
  17. opener.object method() from a popup don't work with IE
  18. document.frm.submit() won't work in IE5
  19. pressing enter rather than clicking button
  20. Importing XML into an XHTML document
  21. text search not case sensitive
  22. How to stop flickering effect while dragging?
  23. Send ASCII string to serial port via Javascript?
  24. Update Address Bar Text without Reload?
  25. Search a textarea for text
  26. Title for an image popup
  27. Website Ad Code
  28. PLEASE Help Me!!!
  29. Opening the Printer Dialog box to print a PDF
  30. Javascript debugger
  31. JavaScript Not Evaluating when called using XMLHTTPRequest
  32. Using Javascript to play music..
  33. is it possible to use JS to fill a text-field on another page when a link is clicked?
  34. using a progress bar or "processing" message
  35. Use Javascript to list local dir contents
  36. Confirm box prevent post
  37. Set values of multiple fields with one drop down selection
  38. JavaScript Dreamweaver MX Menu
  39. finding errors in javascript
  40. I'm getting error while focusing.
  41. deobfuscate javascript
  42. Include a javascript file in another javascript
  43. Simulating Key Strokes
  44. How to create a tree structure using javascript
  45. need some more helpppp!!!
  46. chat script refresh rate
  47. Document.write blanks current code
  48. is it possible for Javascript to popup a subform and pass thevalues back...
  49. onMouseOver help!
  50. Possible to use Math.random with multiple arrays to display random sentence
  51. calling a function in html loaded using xmlhttp.responseText
  52. Reload page after no user activity
  53. Loading External file in JavaScript
  54. Help! Click works but DoubleClick doesn't
  55. Question
  56. interesting script here, anyone know how they did it?
  57. select checkbox after page loads
  58. returns from pop and shift
  59. Mock RSS button. Positioning (div)*FIXED
  60. Hiding Numerical Values
  61. Redefining window attributes
  62. Function
  63. Searching for a free form mail-script
  64. Javascript On-click Popup, please help
  65. script to move from one select box to anotehr
  66. urgetn - need help generating drop down (unlimited)
  67. Iframe moved up hiding JScript Menu when I click on internal hyperlink to anchor
  68. A question about Javascript midi player
  69. Play Sound
  70. Tree (subgroups, how to close)
  71. listbox filling failure
  72. changing font of text description inside popup window
  73. Can Javascript add something to a shopping cart?
  74. alert with Javascript
  75. Page returns to home after loading window (IE)
  76. Annoying problem with style="display:none"
  77. Changing the table background after page loads using JavaScript
  78. Changing print settings?
  79. Counting Strings Found
  80. regualr expression help
  81. Open window in new window but with no menu etc at the top
  82. Clear form after submission
  83. single quote problem
  84. Onclick in Frames
  85. changing text in table elements
  86. greeting messages that change w/date of year
  87. Changing the styles of all element types
  88. how to make cool link
  89. XMLHttpRequest Help
  90. review of a script to set iframe height to the height of the page loaded into it
  91. 'undefined' is null or not an object
  92. Adding setTimeout - HELP
  93. Passing javascript variable to XSL
  94. How can I auto update total in Firefox?
  95. How can I protect my HTA files.
  96. please help me with links...
  97. Disable scroll bar
  98. Display part of the picture.
  99. problem in getting rid of '+' sign in url encoding
  100. Javascript Menu Problem - Popup Blocker
  101. Help with onLoad
  102. pull a javascript variable from other page
  103. xbrowser innerHTML issues
  104. price calculator w/ two dropdown menus
  105. Problems verifying a location in frames
  106. Script to close pages automatically
  107. What am I missing for my Calculator?
  108. Can someone help me find the bug?
  109. choose math from radio button
  110. Viewing the location of a popup via opener
  111. Forcing a reload() on konqueror
  112. retain login information from java script?
  113. Purely Functional
  114. A view source javascript function..?
  115. I have a menu script and a scroller script on the
  116. Data pairs in an array, please help
  117. can i use this script for a framed page
  118. javascript page refresh
  119. Turning off an execCommand in designMode?
  120. how to make an onunload popup window open already maximized?
  121. Is there a way to identify all textareas on a page?
  122. Form Submissions
  123. text field problem
  124. java into php
  125. XwinScrollTo (Cross-browser.com)
  126. Help !
  127. Variable contained in another variable
  128. Help with popups and frames
  129. variable is undefined! posted code plz help
  130. Draw square -- return corner positions
  131. 1000 'not an object' errors and counting.
  132. help with two body onload commands
  133. Can this be done? Deals with OnClick
  134. resubmit if not loaded in X seconds.
  135. Rotating .swf files at random with JavaScript?
  136. form .submit not working
  137. iframe with colors
  138. Memory leak?
  139. Using Javascript var as HTML HREF string value
  140. Form resetting
  141. Date
  142. Trouble opening a new window from an already opened child window
  143. Simple onClick= question
  144. Nada working!
  145. Reverse engineering GoogleX to work with dynamic code
  146. Saving iframe layout
  147. submitting a form to an e-mail address
  148. Count out the total sum
  149. Force Image Download
  150. update parent window
  151. XML from Javscript to PHP
  152. eval function and return statement
  153. Text form validation
  154. whats the code to render onClick null?
  155. How to access frame in popup window?
  156. Problem with my Javascript
  157. two mouseovers and mouseouts in one <a href>? .. example given
  158. url's
  159. Link to newest file in a directory
  160. Javascript Mysql Queries
  161. Need Help formating outputted text to text box
  162. onfocus question
  163. Math var problem
  164. Automatically scrolling SELECTED item in list box to the top
  165. Selecting content in a text area
  166. an incremental border appearance challenge
  167. Few Quick Questions
  168. Help with tripple combo script from this site
  169. Can't decipher this function
  170. Combining javascript: history with anchor
  171. popup window problem over https
  172. innerHTML not working
  173. Auto Bookmark script....
  174. Reloading another page when a button is clicked
  175. Javascript scrolling
  176. Help With Javascript
  177. working with two pages: 1 for input another for results
  178. Javascript create surrounding tag
  179. Default text box value
  180. how to hide status bar message (even when mouse down)?
  181. calculate totals for dropdown quizzes
  182. document.write CSS question
  183. firefox & mouse position
  184. text change probs
  185. document.close() not working in Safari 2
  186. Using javascript and cookies
  187. history back
  188. resize to fit image and center
  189. Refrsh page once or halt loading
  190. Drop-down menu tutorial
  191. Help with functions
  192. Javascript on Frontpage forms
  193. can we make this script exclude double spaces?
  194. setTimeout not appearing even though coded...
  195. Create a link if regex matches
  196. Layer toggling onload problem
  197. On Window Close
  198. Fso Eof
  199. Drag and Drop to Application
  200. Using an alert confirm box on submit?
  201. Delete Duplicates
  202. It's odd, but I'm curious.
  203. Client side solution
  204. Redirection script, any help please?
  205. HELP!!! browser issues
  206. adding items in a dd_box, dynamically
  207. Help with TDC
  208. Javascript, random images and onclick events
  209. MM_jumpMenu with FF
  210. Hi I need some help with cookies.
  211. window.location
  212. Improvement for functions
  213. Why do these butterflies jump?
  214. S.O.S. I wante "Form"? plz
  215. Temporary disabling buttons.
  216. Creating A Table
  217. multiple select but only one needs to have onchange
  218. Pull data from query string, copy into form
  219. Help for another function
  220. ShowHide in IE
  221. Help for writing a function
  222. I want this to popup
  223. Using js to implement :before & :after in IE?
  224. retrieve select box value using js
  225. Submit button - validation ok...need to close popup and change parent url
  226. onmouseover
  227. HELP! onclick not working
  228. onclick / onfocus problem
  229. onBlur validation and form submit in FireFox
  230. Columns
  231. Simple Question- How to include a ' in a string
  232. window.location.href Not Working in FF?
  233. 2 simple Qs-splice and array order
  234. Progress Bar not working in NS7
  235. Posting a Form
  236. time an asp page
  237. JavaScript Challenge for all experts
  238. Editing World clocks script - how to get half an hours in?
  239. a simple button_over working
  240. Forms created through looping, PROB: accessing and giving values to the form elements
  241. How can I call a JavaScript function from VB ActiveX Control
  242. Moved from CSS: Making a background semitransparent while absolutely positioned
  243. Separate Substrings
  244. Short Select Options
  245. Link Counter
  246. No Prototype Statement?
  247. How to do with my FORM please...????
  248. Opinion/Suggestions on a Jigsaw Puzzle
  249. Choppy Mover
  250. OnSubmit: ..... Refresh

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