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  1. please wait box loading...
  2. Allow access to Page A only from Page B, different sites, and no History.Previous
  3. problem with elements and childs
  4. JavaScript Thumbnail Galleries
  5. drag&drop + asynch file upload
  6. slimbox problems in firefox & opera
  7. Remote background image swap from map
  8. Passing values from popup window to the mani page
  9. Multidimensional / Associative arrays
  10. tweak manager in browser webapp?
  11. Calling function not working
  12. Defining a variable with another variable
  13. Basic: JS Array for a DropDown
  14. help with simple mouseover
  15. searching for text with createTextRange()
  16. can I embed css into javascript string?
  17. change var onmouseover
  18. JS array population for a Drop-Down (basic)
  19. Calculator not working
  20. MooTools Slider issue
  21. JavaScript Newsticker Assistance
  22. onclick handler for complete site
  23. Double Combo JS doesn't validate
  24. Question about ticker/scroller script from DD
  25. closing/hiding windows
  26. correct syntax for putting a PHP variable in the middle of a javascript string
  27. Image Fade In/Out
  28. Tell a friend script: point to different location?
  29. A drag and drop example from a clueless coder
  30. calling a function?
  31. Image problems in JS
  32. JScript Date Validation
  33. javascript calculate elapsed time & update field
  34. Asp Xml Ajax
  35. Easy help needed with item properties
  36. ClientSideInclude and encoding problem
  37. JavaScript powered search script - results targeting.
  38. Simple two target hyperlink
  39. Random Links target.
  40. js - textbook questions: beginner: event handlers
  41. javascript form action onsubmit window.location.href
  42. Can not display value Calculate () in form field onClick
  43. Stumped on setting a default class for tabs
  44. Script output not showing on page
  45. Javascript function and combined variables, help appreciated
  46. how to get the selected checkbox
  47. Bad Request? Cookie limmit exceeded?
  48. var anchortime (time+date help)
  49. Reading in from a text file.
  50. onClick and php / Mysql
  51. Works in FireFox not in IE
  52. Works in Fire Fox but not in IE
  53. Problem with this script
  54. Restrict Image Size while upload
  55. How to make hier a vertical scrolling ?!
  56. I want to detect linebreak char in text input
  57. How do I load a .pdf iinto a table cell
  58. problem of closing window and session
  59. Help with ImageSwap/Switch
  60. Html Post - Ff / Ie7
  61. Serialize XML Object to string
  62. focusing on text input field
  63. Pop up window with yes/cancel that redirects if yes is clicked
  64. IE woes - expandable lists
  65. Moveable/Shrinkable boxes
  66. Resetting A Function()
  67. need some help with printing array elements
  68. problem with opera browser
  69. Strange unterminated string literal error
  70. how do i ...
  71. How can I create a Wizard-style dialog using Radio Buttons?
  72. Enabling a text input field ONLY when a checkbox is ticked
  73. Javascript spellchecker
  74. Help with Script that filters paragraph. If 1 word exists, write a warning
  75. Spry Effects Error, Invalid Argument
  76. Blocking a javascript function
  77. js : beginner's textbook questions : data types
  78. Dialog box on close event
  79. Creating a processing page for Submit Form
  80. Help With Script
  81. steping into an infinite loop!
  82. Not getting sound alert when the page is minimized
  83. Change Class Name
  84. Javascript not working
  85. Javascript Iframe Control
  86. pop up window talking to page!! anyone?
  87. 2d array
  88. hide options instead of removing
  89. not implemented error, window.onload problem
  90. suckerfish hoverlightbox not working in IE6
  91. Dynamic Drop-down List Question
  92. Avoid overlapping og Iframes
  93. how to call 2 funcions on click?
  94. Java script Var + double quotes
  95. Stop all Javascript
  96. MultiSelect problem
  97. Non-php pagination script - where?
  98. Ajax like tooltip
  99. [SOLVED] Just need to add a code.
  100. getElementByTagName not working in Firefox
  101. Form Calculator (possible cross-browser) Problem
  102. Error when trying to show information from a dropdown menu
  103. Adding Watermark on Google search box.
  104. Can I embed a javascript close statement in the Tip() function?
  105. drop-down after refresh
  106. Checkbox validation won't work...
  107. Array to Clipboard thru bookmarklet, possible?
  108. creating an object and calling function in event handler
  109. How to hyperlink target image in Set Image gallery?
  110. [resolved] replacing class
  111. Wanting a Javascript way of navigating/linking by user entering numbers
  112. How to show a object method and attribute?
  113. Get the end value of a redirected URL
  114. Retrieving the srcElement from an iFrame
  115. Help with charAt (i think)
  116. Can any one help me Pleaseeeee!
  117. Problem with Drag Drop from one region to other
  118. convert VBScript to VBA
  119. Help with Multiple Countdowns script
  120. How to determine if onmousedown occur in a specific object
  121. Auto form Fill
  122. alert() statement lets code work, remove it, code errors out
  123. onclick
  124. dose anyone no about any good forums
  125. Looking for.....
  126. Form Help
  127. How to determine if a object contains a method?
  128. multiple scripts wont work one .js file and reg script
  129. Vertical JS Menu Bug in IE
  130. CalendarPopup.js Firefox issues -- Clicking pops up calendar in IE but not FF
  131. JS<=>PHP5<=>MySQL5 best way to pass DATE/TIME?
  132. SSI 'include virtual' in a javascript random array
  133. slideshow & text sequence script
  134. Dynamic checkbox array problem
  135. javascript working in firefox, but not ie
  136. Problem with resizing and screen resolution
  137. onclick and function problems
  138. Creating a Javascript bot using <textarea>
  139. Deleting the first right letter in a textbox
  140. need help with Array
  141. Need some Help
  142. using javascript to autofill menu??
  143. How to display Time in Select-Option Selector
  144. problem with onBlur
  145. (Hopefully) Simple problem - Need Help please
  146. using setInterval in loops
  147. 2-D Array and divs
  148. how can I make it not lag? this while loop..
  149. Scriptaculous, and problems with IE6
  150. Question about working with onclick()
  151. alert() statement lets code work, remove it, code errors out
  152. Talking to another page
  153. Problem with Firefox loading XML
  154. Need Help With Javascript onMouseOver
  155. javascript bookmark / favorite issue.
  156. Calculating Root Values beyond Math.sqrt
  157. Window Help
  158. document.open and document.writeIn
  159. Question about the split() function
  160. Javascript image slideshow little problem
  161. how do i pass runtime arguement inJC
  162. Trouble assiging formatting to ID...
  163. Using a link inside javascript
  164. getting script to load last
  165. avoiding eval w/ E4X?
  166. I am new, How do I access an 'includes' file once i am there
  167. IF statement with detecting undefined functions
  168. Compare fields in a table
  169. Help accessing value
  170. resizing iframe when toggle <div> show/hide
  171. IE and prototype problem
  172. Hidden field set onchange (2 selects)
  173. Need a simple script for phone number form
  174. Is it posable to Convert the Char "a" to say "b"
  175. dragging multiple images Walter Zorn wz_dragdrop
  176. to display current date and time using javascript
  177. Using JavaScript to pass the html from a frame to a form
  178. inserting the value of a text box that's inside a table into an array?
  179. Passing a value from combobox to text link
  180. I need help with simple Script
  181. Game
  182. onclick put a value into a textbox/inputfield
  183. onclick problem in firefox
  184. Javascript Multiple number WITH dollar sign and comma.
  185. Fading images
  186. Javascript Help
  187. Simple Mouseover Function
  188. Can onclick image swap change different image?
  189. Mutiple Actions in 1 form
  190. multiple function calls from a single js file
  191. Rewriting a script which works in IE6 but not FF
  192. New to javascript
  193. dont know if this is right forum but looking for a script
  194. JS Proportional Image Resize Problem
  195. Sortserialize and hash output problem
  196. Javascript alert with Yes No buttons
  197. Javascripting efficiency - loops versus non-loop
  198. CheckBox Validation
  199. Displaying content in an inline frame from amenu choice
  200. Form Validating A Radio Button
  201. javascript within forms - duplicating values to create a query string in the retURL
  202. Rotating Quotes with Text Fading
  203. Changing Text Color when button is clicked
  204. dot behind characters
  205. JavaScript core api?
  206. increment preload image open new window?
  207. number with two decimal digits
  208. Javascript Versions
  209. Transparent element over Java applet
  210. conversion of imperial to metric (feet to centimeters - persons height)
  211. Help -- Url redirects that members can use?
  212. JS beginner cant get code to work
  213. Scripting Question
  214. I frame and linking to it
  215. Javascript help: Coding problem
  216. printing unescaped characters
  217. Help figure this out!!
  218. Need help with javascript scroller looping
  219. Access div within div
  220. Input field background picture?
  221. Focus script breaks dynamic clock
  222. document.write onclick problems
  223. hyperlink in my php document open in a new small window 500x400 below code is correct
  224. Add events; reference elements -current- attributes
  225. How to disable mouse right-click in a window or popup window ?
  226. Accessing div firstChild
  227. help needed to rectify the error in javascript.
  228. help with dropdown values
  229. new to java
  230. Only show first time
  231. Re-numbering a list
  232. script in ASP , but I want results [and start html page] appear in a small, popup win
  233. Need Help with a menu java script from this site
  234. Problem with displaying random quotes from a function
  235. Which is faster Javascript or Actionscript
  236. help automatically displaying form info
  237. Validation problem
  238. dynamic form selection box
  239. javascript button to submit onclick - pass input field to popup window?
  240. Using an array to list names
  241. offsetHeight in IE7
  242. setTimeout and clearTimeout
  243. window.setTimeout on array elements
  244. How to create a floating box without flickering on changing position?
  245. VERY easy question
  246. Browse local computer
  247. Replacing the Red X when there is no picture present
  248. Xinha clearFonts function
  249. Random Image Link question (noob)
  250. Path comes with the # sign

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