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  1. Firefox positioning problem
  2. HTML <SELECT> drop-down box functionality in FireFox
  3. embed music w/playlist
  4. CSS Help :-(
  5. Including Stylesheet for IE and Mozilla
  6. building framework howto
  7. Looks ok in IE but not Mozilla? (and who knows what else)
  8. border around image anchor tags?
  9. nested div drop browser layout difference. IE bug causing "intended" results??
  10. Guru Help Needed: IE (looks good) - Firefox (looks horrible)
  11. custom drop-down menus (html forms)
  12. inline-block error
  13. form input: button malfunction
  14. CSS Menu layering in IE
  15. Table: fixed header, scrollable content
  16. Positioning divs in CSS, and referring to them
  17. Help with HTML
  18. Can a text box have 2 names?
  19. Layout broken in IE. vertical stretch.
  20. Bullet listing on web page
  21. Multiple <body ONLOAD
  22. LJ layout problem...
  23. make first letter bigger
  24. Firefox and opera and IE, Oh, My! (coding style for disparate browsers)
  25. Enter on keyboard
  26. Text won't align with image in same container
  27. Menu text middle of height?
  28. CSS Image Gallery
  29. Jump to a point in the same page with CSS
  30. More problems
  31. Firefox/CSS Margin Problem
  32. List Top-Margin
  33. Can you do this with css?
  34. FF problems
  35. more than one image CSS HELP!
  36. Form fields
  37. ie is being difficult
  38. positioning / relative / resize
  39. Nested table 100%
  40. Valadating Quicktime
  41. 3 columns layout not working
  42. Problem with website
  43. CSS menu padding
  44. menu resize problem IE / relative positioning
  45. how to use images with div border
  46. Image is acting weird on my drop down menu (IE right now)
  47. CSS not changing link color
  48. slight white margin
  49. Text box with two names?
  50. "Scroll" causes firefox to "freak out"
  51. I have a beginners question
  52. changing from <td class=""> to <div id="">
  53. CSS Design Question
  54. How to create this kind of CSS
  55. Relative Links
  56. General compatibility info
  57. how do i convert this into <object> tag
  58. Netscape & firefox Inline Frame problems
  59. Random Bolding in both IE and Firefox
  60. IE input type image problem!
  61. IE messes up, firefox correct...Again
  62. Tables Overlapping in Firefox
  63. Box model issues between IE5, IE6 and FFX on Quirks & Strict mode pages
  64. I-Frame Help!
  65. 3 column layout needs minor tweaking in middle column
  66. 6px uniformity between browsers
  67. Help with learning CSS!
  68. A:link not being recognised in my css
  69. Need a space between vertical nav buttons
  70. IE and :hover problem
  71. Help with Image Link
  72. Alternative to z-index for load order?
  73. Bottom height issue
  74. Left and right justification in the same line
  75. site view
  76. Login on Menu
  77. Menu issue
  78. Problem with positioning IE versus Safari
  79. Nav Bar
  80. CSS "Variables" ?
  81. hypertext extends beyond length of link
  82. word-wrap in firefox ?
  83. Color and Background Color
  84. simple margin error?
  85. CSS height auto expanding
  86. MEnus and footers sticking
  87. Frames are evil. Help me?
  88. Defining Minimum & Maximum Widths
  89. Annoying Design Problem
  90. Change CSS values on the fly?
  91. Page note rendering correctly in IE
  92. Help With Website Please
  93. firefox a href
  94. Firefox fine IE no, no!
  95. transparent gif/IE problem
  96. Suggestion For CSS Addition To This Forum
  97. Help!
  98. CSS problem with gradien fill in footer
  99. Help: CSS Rendering Issues
  100. How to fill the whole screen with this table?
  101. how to notify the receiver that u have received a new message
  102. img padding in IE5 and IE5.5 (win)
  103. double post. sorry. please disregard.
  104. IE ate my image!
  105. jumping menu fixed on mouse over
  106. OnClick event for Table or List...
  107. User customizes site appearance
  108. rotating an image
  109. css for lists
  110. Difference in DocTypes
  111. Image Map
  112. CSS Conditional Statements
  113. Please check me in IE
  114. Dynamic Iframe help
  115. Css text size problem :(
  116. can someone please tell me why
  117. Wierd CSS Glitch in IE
  118. Extra space on nav, should be simple.
  119. image alignment with a textfield.
  120. 2 questions... focusing a checkbox or radio and styles for disabled text fields
  121. Navigation-top & bottom only
  122. Webpage background - align left and align right
  123. Need help
  124. text box resetting question
  125. password protection
  126. Lining up right div
  127. gaps around my images
  128. links
  129. Firefox: Hiding and Unhiding Table Rows with CSS and JS - Problem
  130. IE 3px bug - CSS/HTML Layout
  131. Content before header
  132. why spacing?
  133. W3C Markup Validator is on crack!
  134. Vertical line issue
  135. Minimum box height?
  136. Shading the Rear of Text
  137. Problem with CSS list in Firefox
  138. Attaching an external css
  139. HTML Parameters
  140. emailing form information
  141. Flyout menu question
  142. pause div from loading.
  143. submit buttons -- and enter now working
  144. Centering table in IE
  145. need some help with a form page submit button
  146. Folder view settings in iFrames ?
  147. CSS Positoning
  148. Absolute position changes on reload?
  149. CSS Left Nav (swapping divs with JavaScript)
  150. relative positioning
  151. im not stupid,help me please.
  152. IE 5.0 & 5.5 CSS/DIV Problems
  153. overflow:auto and fixed width of div
  154. DIV Image Positioning in IE
  155. IE Layering issue
  156. Best Way...
  157. Table-gaps in IE only!
  158. Getting rid of a fussy image bottom-border
  159. Help with image tiling
  160. Textarea dynamic size.
  161. Problem with textarea hiding inner /textarea
  162. Need help with layout again :)
  163. Testing Site for Konqeror/Safari
  164. Do I need a tool to write custom HTML into an MSN space?
  165. Drop down menus flicker over Flash content in Safari
  166. Rollover problems in IE for Mac...
  167. CSS - Highlight Specified Word Throughout Document
  168. Resolution Problem :(
  169. onMouseOver does not work in FF/OP
  170. Layout help
  171. Wondering...
  172. Quick table problem
  173. Iframe limit
  174. CSS - import versus linking
  175. CSS Div problem in IE
  176. Custom Cursor (help!)
  177. css for text boxes
  178. Problem with dual image maps
  179. Default page displayed in frames
  180. Problem: Form tag on new line like <p>
  181. multiple backgrounds on a page using CSS
  182. Fixed width control in htmls
  183. Missing div's in IE for Win
  184. I want to show off a little with music
  185. Not seeing Image if Foxfire
  186. help needed making my webpage fluid again
  187. Partial Image Display...
  188. Making form text box inaccessible
  189. CSS equivalent of <a> target attribute?
  190. Comment on <!-- Comments -->
  191. Compatible Blogger HTML IE Firefox?
  192. iFrames won't show up in IE?
  193. Loading delays
  194. setting style.height through js works in IE but not firefox
  195. Search box problem in HTML - redirect then carry out search?
  196. Image buttons and Opera/IE issue
  197. Trouble expanding DIV in IE and centering in Firefox
  198. Trouble expanding DIV in IE and centering in Firefox
  199. border-collapse compatibility?
  200. Seems Like Simple Fix (table Align Issue)
  201. CSS Overflow is pushing divs out of balance
  202. set all table rows to the same height
  203. 3 column layout of the same height
  204. CSS Background help..
  205. 2 Minute Countdown
  206. A: Link format applies to some images but not all?
  207. Struggling with a w3 css validation issue
  208. 3 column layout falling apart.
  209. form help,pleasee
  210. Overflow and relative height in Firefox
  211. Menu Background misalignment?
  212. CSS Image Cutoff?
  213. CSS Text Field Causing Havoc!!
  214. a href=ftps://...
  215. Vertical scrollbar position bug (Internet Explorer)
  216. submit > new browserwindow
  217. help me out with this 3column problem
  218. Keywords file?
  219. CSS Refresh With Particular IE Option
  220. backgrounds need to extend to bottom of page
  221. Menu slide down, help plz
  222. div class vs id???
  223. form mail help needed
  224. CSS 3 columns Help
  225. Validating CSS
  226. How can you assure your CSS page layout looks the same on every browser/computer?
  227. need an alternate way to use timed anchoring onload
  228. begone top margin! help!
  229. I need help with my digg.com toolbar please.
  230. font colors and sizes are different from IE to Firefox
  231. CSS menu problem
  232. background
  233. making a thin select get bigger when it's clicked on
  234. Aligning an image to the top
  235. i need help coding layout
  236. Radio button disable?
  237. div css problems
  238. pulldown submenu positioning on centered layout
  239. CSS transparent tables.
  240. Trouble Positioning image
  241. CSS imitating table
  242. Imagemap with mousedown but without href="#" ?
  243. CSS positioning different in IE & Firefox!
  244. Template Help
  245. Height issues
  246. Header/Reloading question
  247. Problem with an iframe
  248. things in the right place
  249. CSS Rollover Images have white box when clicked?
  250. Link underlines on images

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