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    new look business sites

    I am after pure cosmetics, do ulike the way these sites look?
    The first is my homesite, for web design services;


    The second is a slight redesign (layout / colors / typography) of a clients website;


    p.s I have had these sites floating round these forums before!, sorry if there a nusance!
    thanks, anthony
    littletoaster - web design dwsystems -pc repair

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    About http://www.littletoaster.com/
    Get rid of the redish hovers on your <p>s , use a very light variant of the redish.
    Make the left-padding for the <p>s be consistent.
    The blue star misses an angle ??
    The dotted lines are too many, use them not everywhere.
    The active states of the buttons dont hold when hovering, use CSS to cover that.

    About http://www.dwsystems.net/

    Liked it better before.
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