If you are reading this you are likely wondering what this post is about. Combat FPS, a large FPS gaming community is currently hiring for certain positions as we are currently looking to dramatically expand and become even larger!

We are currently looking for the best and most talented GFX artists and coders that have decent knowledge in HTML and PHP coding.

Positions Available:

Positions Available: 2

We are currently focusing on GFX Design and integrating both our website and league with the best original pictures we can create. If you are an experienced designer this is the perfect job for you. By the way, no brushes allowed

Positions Available: 2

We are not looking for the best of coders but people who have an intermediate knowledge of PHP and HTML coding. Our reviews system is currently in development as well as our league and coders and the extra help is appreciated!

Positions Available: 1

Are you an English scholar? Do you believe you have the talent, creativity and an overall enthusiastic aspect on creative pieces and reviews on FPS games?

Please send a professional application to: All applications will be carefully reviewed by our Administration team and we will get back to you in the next 24 hours to tell you will proceed to the next phase!

Age Requirement: 16

Good Luck To All Applications!


Combat FPS Management