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Thread: PHP Double Load

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    PHP Double Load

    refer to the following img

    So PHPLoadButton #1 Loads PHP Load Box #1, that's fine and dandy

    but how do I get it so that a PHPLoadButton #2 (which is nested in the loaded PHP Load Box #1) Loads PHPBox#2 (Which is ALSO nested inside PhpLoadBox #2)? I can't seem to load PhpLoadButton#2 without "unloading" PhPLoadButton#1 (Meaning that NavBar #1 and PHP LoadButton #1 dissappears)

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    Just so I understand-- Does phpLoadButton post the page to the server and come back with a formatted page, and then you want within that formatted page to post the page again, retain the first format, and add onto it based on what the second action is?


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