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    Exit () vs Die()

    I know that it stops the script dead, but how would I make it just stop the current script. Lets say I am making a script that lets a user enter info, but if the info he provided doesn't meet my character requirements so I use the exit; or die; & show the form again.

    I would like to for the rest of my site to finish loading, but for the processing script for the info to stop only. Like for my footer of my page I have it in a footer.php & include it at the bottom of each page. When I use the exit function the footer wont load since the page has been stopped dead.

    If I haven't explained clearly I can explain more....


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    According to the manual, exit and die do the same thing - output a message and terminate the current script. Just wrap your script in a gigantic "if" condition. Process the script if the condition is met. Don't process the script if it isn't.
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    to exit processing of an include'd script, you can use 'return false'. The page that included it will carry on.


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