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    Alter a csv to sql script - in php

    I found a script on codewalkers, but needed to modify it. Its a csv2 sql converter. Below is my partly modified script.
    PHP Code:
    <H2>CSV to SQL convertor</H2>

    <!-- Input form begin -->

    <FORM NAME="csv2sql" METHOD=POST ACTION="<? echo $PHP_SELF?>">
        <INPUT TYPE="HIDDEN" NAME="ref" VALUE="csv2sql">
        Insertion table:
        <INPUT CLASS="DEFAULT" TYPE="TEXT" NAME="table_name" VALUE="" SIZE=50>
        CSV data: 
        <INPUT CLASS="DEFAULT" TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="     Convert to SQL query     ">

    <!-- Input form end -->


    // Parse incoming information if above form was posted
    if($_POST[ref] == "csv2sql") {

    "<h2>SQL Query Output:</h2>";

    // Get information from form & prepare it for parsing
    $table_name $_POST[table_name];
    $csv_data   $_POST[csv_data];
    $csv_array    explode("\n",$csv_data);
    $column_names explode(";",$csv_array[0]);

    // Generate base query
    $base_query "INSERT INTO $table_name";

    // Loop through all CSV data rows and generate separate
        // INSERT queries based on base_query + the row information
    $last_data_row count($csv_array) - 1;
    $counter 1$counter $last_data_row$counter++)
    $value_query " VALUES (";
    $first true;
    $data_row explode(";",$csv_array[$counter]);
    $value_counter 0;
    $data_row as $data_value)    
    $value_query .= ", ";    
    $data_value trim($data_value);
    $value_query .= "'$data_value'";
    $first false;
    $value_query .= ")";

    // Combine generated queries to generate final query
    $query $base_query .$value_query .";";
    "$query <BR>";

    It worked fine, but not with my implentation.
    I have it "working" at http://www.sqitroma.com/sql/csv2sql.php

    Current output is:INSERT INTO deputy VALUES ('3,\'Hughes W H\',\'Labor\'');
    But I want to strip out the backslashes, and have single inverted commas around each value. The values in my csv were single inverted around the last 2. I also want to strip out any other characters.
    My csv looks like:
    1,'Deakin A','Protectionist'

    I want the sql to look like:
    INSERT INTO deputy VALUES (1,'Deakin A','Protectionist');

    I'm almost there, but need some help to modify the last bits.


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    Have you tried to use the stripslashes() to remove the backslashes?
    But aren't the backslashes in your code simply escaping the single quotes?
    Most of my questions/posts are fairly straightforward and simple. I post long verbose messages in an attempt to be thorough.


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