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Thread: phpdev

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    I notice that a few people on this forum seem to be using phpdev, so I thought this is a good place to start!

    I have been given a pen drive with phpdev's amp installation on it - it's great and mostly works fine, but I have a problem with sessions!

    I know I am writing my sessions correctly and when I check in the tmp folder in the root of my pen drive, I can see that sessions have been created, so that doesn't seem to be a problem... the problem I am having is recalling the information from that session!

    I don't get any errors at all, I just get returned to the log in page on the site I am writing, where as the log in page should be hidden as soon as the session is created.

    The relevant section from phpinf:
    Session Support enabled

    Directive	Local Value	Master Value
    session.auto_start	Off	Off
    session.cache_expire	180	180
    session.cache_limiter	nocache	nocache
    session.cookie_domain	no value	no value
    session.cookie_lifetime	0	0
    session.cookie_path	/	/
    session.cookie_secure	Off	Off
    session.entropy_file	no value	no value
    session.entropy_length	0	0
    session.gc_maxlifetime	1440	1440
    session.gc_probability	1	1
    session.name	PHPSESSID	PHPSESSID
    session.referer_check	no value	no value
    session.save_handler	files	files
    session.save_path	/tmp	/tmp
    session.serialize_handler	php	php
    session.use_cookies	On	On
    session.use_trans_sid	1	1
    I don't really want to be copying php.ini to my windows folder everytime I use the pen drive, and I wouldn't have thought that necessary because the sessions are obviously being saved!

    My browser seems to report that there has been a cookie saved for the session, and I can't even call the session information back by passing the session ID through the URL (unless I am missing something!).

    I hope somebody can help me - I can't be the only person who has experienced this!!!

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    Hi , try setting the session save path as an absolute path (hardly ideal I know for the usb thing) and see at least if that works ..

    session.save_path $usb:/tmp

    + are you accessing the session data correctly e.g. with
    echo $_SESSION['session_var'];
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    Thanks - it does all work, I was calling the sessions incorrectly!!


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