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    site statistics - number of clicks


    i am stuck in a problem, kindly help.
    i am making a site, in which the visitor clicks on apply (for a credit card), now, how can i know that how many times apply for a card has been clicked by the user, i need to create a statistics that for a particular card - n number of times apply was clicked.

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    You'll need to have a login system in place, so that you can identify the user. (after login, store the users ID inside a sessionvariable)
    And then you need to increment a variable inside the table with your userdata. Like
    $sql="update usertabel set cardcounter=cardcounter+1 where userID = " . $_SESSION['uID'] ;

    But i woul create a seperate table where you insert a new record with the userID, the PHP sessionID, the date-time and all other relevant data. You can then get the count for each user by running a

    SELECT count(*) as cardcounter, userID FROM cardtransactions GROUP BY userID

    It gives you more detail and doesn't realy create any overhead since this query can be ran ofline or when trafic is low.
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