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Thread: already login

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    already login

    good day all.
    how php script (to know that someone already login with my username?)

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    As a single feature, this requires quite some overhead. So you can best do this if your complete sessionmanagement is also database-based. As outlined belowe.

    You create a table inside your database, where you insert a record each time a user logs in. You need to have a column in that table with the state of the session + another column with the PHP session ID + another colun with the userID. Initialy this is set to 'active'. When the client logs out, you set it to 'closed'. When the user requests a page, you check if there is a record with that sessionID + status=active. If so then update this record and set a timestamp or datetime field to Now().

    You create a cron-job (or scheduled task) that will run every 15 minutes and that updates all records to status='closed' if the last requested page is more then 15 minutes ago --> this will cause sessions to timout after maximum 29 minutes 59 seconds.

    When a user tryes to login, you run a select to see if there is already a record with that userID with status=active. Very simple check, but managing the sessiontable requires the real work here.
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