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    Unhappy batch jobs windows php

    Hi All

    I need advise on how to solve this particular problem on a windows/Apache/php 4.3.2 installation.

    My App posts data using HTTP post to a number of servers (ranging from 1 to 500). A user fills a HTML form that should trigger some batch job. This batch job will post data to these servers and produce a result.

    So i started out with php. Here are my questions

    1. How can i run a batch job in the back ground and immediately return to the user after they have filled the form. I used shell_exec but the script never returns until the batch job is complete. I also face numerous default script time out problems. Ideally i would like to return to the user immediately and then start the batch job in the background and produce a result that the user can come and view later

    2. I used curl to post date to these servers. What are your recommendation on this library. I haven't tested it with large no of servers. Can curl handle it.


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    Perhaps there is a module for this, try google ..
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