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Thread: php books

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    php books


    im jut ondering is there ay really good php books i coul read to. tually learn PHP?

    any book suggestions would be greatful

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    I personally wouldn't bother buying a book. I did buy one once.. :

    While it taught me a few basics, it did not really teach me a great deal of what i really needed to know.

    Yes it taught me the very basics but thats it - and even then, when i'd finished the book i still found myself thinking i didn't really know enough to make anything useful. It did not teach me how the http process works (eg request and reply headers - a definite must-know for things like sessions when you get headers already sent errors etc) and there were quite a few other things it did not really teach too.

    What I did eventually was just to look at online tutorials but the main resource i learnt from was actually the php manual itself. Once you work out how to understand the manual (eg the type of result a function returns and the types of parameters it needs etc) then it's a doddle. Add to that the user notes that explain things and it's a natural winner of a site.

    There is also a great little trick to looking up function names on php.net: http://www.php.net/function-name

    Where function-name is the name of a real function - eg http://www.php.net/mail will lookup the mail() function. This makes the php manual very quick and easy to use and if you're offline they have a downloadable .chm manual too! IMO the online manual is the best way of learning. Also tizag.com is a very good resource too (though the mysql join pages are a bit confusing).
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