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    Still Learning Need Some Pointers

    I can write pretty basic stuff and understand a lot about functions, but the innerjoin/outerjoin has me baffled. Here is what I am trying to accomplish and I don't know if I should keep it in the member table I have or create another table.

    My members registered and use their phone number. I have a script I created that will email the phone number through text. However I want my members to be able to save information and set a specific date to send a text. This is easy enough, I can do this. The thing that I need to figure out is should I have them post this information into another table into my database and have my cron job send the email out when it reaches that date. Now if I were to do this in another table, how do I link their userid to that table so when cronning everything it searches the date from every profile in the second table? Any information would be helpful. Samples would be appreciated, but if I could get a break down that would be cool.

    Thanks you all! Everyone is friendly and helpful on here.

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    This is the site that helped me understand (well almost) A Visual Explanation of SQL Joins
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