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    Help with cutting down script size

    Ok... First let me say - I have never once used Arrays in my life and every time I attempt to read up on them I just get majorly thrown!

    Having said that - what I am after here may have nothing to do with arrays! LOL

    Anways - the script I am about to show really isnt that big, but I figure if someone could possibly help me just to shorten down the repetiveness of this variable script, I may just "get it" on how to clean up all of my scripts - as they get quite messy, repetitive and LARGE!

    Here it is:

    PHP Code:

    include ("connect.php");
    "<title>Tourney Variables</title>";

    // Tournament Variables
    // ------------------------------

    $result mysql_db_query(tourneys"SELECT * FROM info WHERE tid='$tid'");
    $row mysql_fetch_array($result);
    $t_url $row["url"];
    $tname $row["tname"];
    $style $row["style"];
    $format $row["format"];
    $teams $row["teams"];
    $hostid $row["uid"];
    $time $row["time"];
    $status $row["status"];
    $entry $row["entry"];
    $registered $row["registered"];

    // Team 1
    $p1 $row["p1"];
    $s1 $row["s1"];
    $r1 $row["r1"];
    $p1a $row["p1a"];
    $p1name $row["p1name"];
    $pass1 $row["pass1"];

    // Team 2
    $p2 $row["p2"];
    $s2 $row["s2"];
    $r2 $row["r2"];
    $p2a $row["p2a"];
    $p2name $row["p2name"];
    $pass2 $row["pass2"];

    // Team 3
    $p3 $row["p3"];
    $s3 $row["s3"];
    $r3 $row["r3"];
    $p3a $row["p3a"];
    $p3name $row["p3name"];
    $pass3 $row["pass3"];

    // Team 4
    $p4 $row["p4"];
    $s4 $row["s4"];
    $r4 $row["r4"];
    $p4a $row["p4a"];
    $p4name $row["p4name"];
    $pass4 $row["pass4"];

    // Team 5
    $p5 $row["p5"];
    $s5 $row["s5"];
    $r5 $row["r5"];
    $p5a $row["p5a"];
    $p5name $row["p5name"];
    $pass5 $row["pass5"];

    // Team 6
    $p6 $row["p6"];
    $s6 $row["s6"];
    $r6 $row["r6"];
    $p6a $row["p6a"];
    $p6name $row["p6name"];
    $pass6 $row["pass6"];

    // Team 7
    $p1 $row["p7"];
    $s1 $row["s7"];
    $r1 $row["r7"];
    $p1a $row["p7a"];
    $p1name $row["p7name"];
    $pass1 $row["pass7"];

    // Team 8
    $p8 $row["p8"];
    $s8 $row["s8"];
    $r8 $row["r8"];
    $p8a $row["p8a"];
    $p8name $row["p8name"];
    $pass8 $row["pass8"];

    // Team Positions
    $pos1 $row["pos1"];
    $pos2 $row["pos2"];
    $pos3 $row["pos3"];
    $pos4 $row["pos4"];
    $pos5 $row["pos5"];
    $pos6 $row["pos6"];
    $pos7 $row["pos7"];
    $pos8 $row["pos8"];
    $pos9 $row["pos9"];
    $pos10 $row["pos10"];
    $pos11 $row["pos11"];
    $pos12 $row["pos12"];
    $pos13 $row["pos13"];
    $pos14 $row["pos14"];
    $pos15 $row["pos15"];
    $pos31 $row["pos31"];
    $pos32 $row["pos32"];
    $pos33 $row["pos33"];
    $pos34 $row["pos34"];
    $pos35 $row["pos35"];
    $pos36 $row["pos36"];
    $pos37 $row["pos37"];
    $pos38 $row["pos38"];
    $pos39 $row["pos39"];
    $pos40 $row["pos40"];
    $pos41 $row["pos41"];
    $pos42 $row["pos42"];
    $pos43 $row["pos43"];
    $pos44 $row["pos44"];
    $pos45 $row["pos45"];
    $winner $row["winner"];
    $winner2 $row["winner2"];

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated...

    Thanks in advance

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    ok , first , there is probably no real need to to $var = $row['var']; in the first place .. you can just as easily use $row['var'] wherever you would use $var ?? (its also more efficient)

    however extract() does exactly that for you but read the manual notes ! , its often a good idea to prefix your variables when extracted on mass to stop overwriting existing variables e.g.

    PHP Code:
    mysql_db_query(tourneys"SELECT * FROM info WHERE tid='$tid'");
    $row mysql_fetch_array($result);
    extract$row EXTR_PREFIX_ALL 'db_' ) ;
    /*thats it ; ) */

    /*e.g., you can now ...*/
    echo $db_registered ;
    note that plain
    extract( $row );
    would produce `$registered` etc.

    also check out the EXTR_REFS flag if you have php>=4.3.* as its almost as efficient as not extracting at all
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