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Thread: EXIF Thumbnails

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    EXIF Thumbnails

    I'm trying to display the thumbnail contained within the EXIF data of a picture file using the following code:

    $testthumbnailimage = exif_thumbnail([file path and name],$width, $height, $tempType);
    echo $testthumbnailimage;

    This code produces nothing. But if I remove the ,$width, $height, $tempType section from the first line, the following is displayed on my page:

    ۄ    !#"! $)4,$'1'-=-167:::"*?D>8B3796    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOx ! }!1AQa"q2#BR$3br %& '()*456789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz
     w!1AQaq"2B #3Rbr $4%& '()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz
    ?_Ξ- o_!Qk6 ^+uSy[GG  ŽAQR74Kom1vZa;k[Wd19#4'~>qV𵴶!0- s(]Kq˂yY'١KqTgFwt҃Z=*nKN!B|Ҵd=\:l
    H ;eG*q@Y*_qzj!$ R&=}FdGD5Afׇ.#Ԑ38<_ihk-"fUyXti´S[ cn8ˌC}EE|J93j8w=[_屲I8qޱ<)f.|Jzw+?%¿ C.y/Kj<k_bdOQOxZxZ@.*9@ʃ+yAfiY1ԟ r_S6YĪPWNP'r^G$35[G/䪎d3HK!s=so:̎SJppg\ֆ]:Q=9Ɩ Fe~\/eVt5v;VU#k.D3oC+%'WFhU!j2E"2) U) QS)r8\458R숎$E{E2kMA'Y,zv>T ANzT$Ӗo_ù N.]CT_9-w[c_f* ԓPj Q+V> s&T}*[v7d8AұnQI/#jtl?/l^g[e  ͫU4Gym g;Mfʩvg~SV͌QFH^QmNo?(wQ)V(GM;zl|)i {ޥ֝YSMEI1$8Ғ*M;25 X3D#S}kOTX}_sErMvg'_J p3SJǓM{ߊQ]cF:R /]'`8yةYm#ά9it#+6(sTʤl]lCusy L"b͓^%dmR"wr~i_c]$h',q[mOliB9 2qO_妢 x_̇ z`L3тn p1lyeދ m^[=0j*} O4ocOg+^ېCڹ0Sk|0IPsϥs\}NEݯ$s Z¾ۧ* G_#.hߺ8ZI]5u✢a8rF gks[DZ%7 }2Ă9'JM+&]B4%^䷴\-]68nx/t-+NTo* ENIhBcd.Ygr`u_wv.Ta#Z7lJ25H]EY]B '@?uz k%pCH5R[ NHmk C4|;*3ހ/<-w.1 IQz *TSu)Mzc_5n&%H=ɯ%i&lW)z`hY6*K[ I^K( ev4Wg'5 H=O3rc Xp* A# tїlA 2gu+O qe*HSqupvį/iᢙĬbn A) V +Kti$QN!EUϓӯ4L9?HʱcdU yw"w&h U1{*XWM+:^sNpp9;xk hw_9М)\ <q]pW~+G}FwSi?^g$v=5Sǯjz`J@@X&Bq(<Z+fZ%8*"@$(#Цi]nGvIVCpjG-K&i]Β 9$_YkBѻ~R }Mչ{= toUO_HߙۄInMjǜNtyFdE@Ee%r<{ְBe܉[A+|davn^~. :EpK@k=,z[il1D9`=#TRTlF 9_c=%^js#v,rM ye+hcNdٌ*@#kq6 m|_O [X3I#$OZџR Pɗ.X y9XLW-Zn2>e tM5w#RW I~vݲ1Pzw],ΘeՋ/˔'ּWQ_rF>O":7~B\YGc![;WG⛴|=xIn< ~y_x؋KK4x52= )k?LWy|%, ՅյݛG(v9E]#zSu_y#]_$pĎ⺑ 4l@aB~oUtE6{DX| hJb D'~=G $[A4YuJX,/ch t=sSWꖨ%hocʀT޼Q: #]0K3&z&͝QԈSc#<٦~jǜZJVi85HoQ[5ۤ0j];!zTI$ƾUgпQk 9yKOں.3sZ-AV.¥*y8?:k#lnqh6B,`Lqv%tERDs_}?Rl]63.B19\g3FIYc?2Pg_0U{ƻM'+#Q3*>Fzi<V;[ƘR GԞL ԫ|L*q:9#&E7cF?[;7\1VVڀx_jnn]뚜2'σGܧnR3 9qǨ"T: .:w6mw0;. psq^*UMX ^1SR:0UD8lTZѝIqyz䢟/%ݟ+f_5'fei5[vDnx5 7/!jx ,<jEJV{b]M BȪQQi* 9Ͽac+&p RfaFx_׷F7]_ i.& zgJY-Ѣ.>Ki[o$ _~<ƫfYc24!FGθ\_n6ŎևU 75dRfg ֜)?M|mmvrn# [ B ϱ ,W)݀a}b+M#<AqH,P&it'xUC#AZv*]Ջ==I#LֲSgkM|}̅c1i+IUI{;&5_rR=_!j2x;

    I added
    header("Content-type: image/jpeg");
    to the top of my page, but still no luck.

    I was able to extract and display EXIF info about the file (comments and such), and would like to utilize the embedded thumbnails to make my life easier.


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    did you set the header type ??

    $testthumbnailimage = exif_thumbnail([file path and name],$width, $height, $type);
    header("Content-type: ".image_type_to_mime_type($type)); echo $testthumbnailimage;

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