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Thread: Disable IIS

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    Disable IIS

    I am apparently running IIS, when I want to be running Apache as my web server. How do I disable it so my forum and guestbook work online? They are fine on my localhost, but I want it to work online too!!!! Please help...

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    You're gonna have to clarify some things. I'm guessing you mean you have PHP installed on APACHE? and IIS is conflicting with it.

    If so can just stop the service. To do so, right-click on my computer and select manage. Then expand "Services and Applications" > "Internet Information Services". Right-click on "Default Web Site" and select stop.

    Now you've stopped the IIS web server, but you probably want to stop it from starting automatically. Look up a couple notches and you'll see "Services", click on it. On the right pane you'll see all the services installed. Find "World Wide Web Publishing Service", right click on it, stop it. Right click again > properties, and set "startup type" to manual.
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