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    convert PHP code to C

    i've written a script that takes a total members and shows the sub totals ...
    for example for the total {a,b} it shows {},{a},{b},{a,b} ...
    i wanna run it stand alone somehow ... but i don't know how ! i mean how to execute a script in PHP as a Stand Alone application....

    so i decided to convert my PHP code to C ...
    but i am unfamiliar whit C and i faced some problems in finding correspond functions for explode , ereg_replace , trim , decbin .
    I've written a function that act exactly like str_pad in PHP ...
    but i couldn't write correspond functions to others ...
    any help will be appreciated ...

    p.s : sorry for my poor English ! :-)

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    I believe php gtk allows you to create stand alone applications. Not sure though

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    c:\path\to\php.exe -q -f c:\path.script.php

    saved as script.bat will run your code .. to see any output you will probably need to flush() ....

    better still take a look at PEAR::console which will give you a lot more flexibility & the ability to interact with your app

    even better still , as Nightfire suggests you can create GUI's via php-gtk though if you just want your script to mung some data and save it somewhere then I suggest the first option is best.

    if php complains that it can't find something or other then be sure to copy your php4ts.dll to wherever your php.exe is.
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