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    Password protect site/hide from search engines

    Hi all,

    I'm working on a webpage for my employer. It needs to be password protected, and invisible to search engines. I'm just wondering if there's some script that will accomplish this, as I'm rather noobish. I have managed in the past to cobble together a purchase history page with PHP and MySQL but that was a few years ago.

    I can follow instructions, just don't know how to write scripts.

    The username should be the same for all users.

    I'd like to be able to set and modify a guest password (if someone at my work doesn't have their own email account, they can access the webpage but I can change the guest password each time someone leaves the company).

    I'd like users to sign up via email verification - but only allow emails from a specific domain, like @myemployer.com

    Would I need to use such a script on each page that I want protected?

    Sorry if these are noob questions...

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    Search Engines honor the conditions in the Robots.txt file, you can use it to block specific user agents. So you can even block a specific search engine because each search engine has a user_agent string like 'YahooSpider'.

    So to block all search engines:
    Make a robots.txt file and put it in the root of the web server - e.g public_html. Then write this starting from the first line:

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /
    To password protect it, basic HTTP authentication with sessions will do it.
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