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    How to show the Status of the values in database similar to Booking Tickets in online

    U might have see in online ticket reservation status..the reservation of the seats status is showed in different colors according to the change in database values.lik that consider 9 vehicles status in a matrix lik format..according to database values of the vehicles such as the compaction level the cells should be shown in different colors

    Vehicle ID Compaction Level
    1 68
    2 40
    3 80
    4 70
    5 20
    6 52
    7 90
    8 87
    9 62

    This are the threshold levels >80 (Threshold color is green), >50(color is blue) , <50(color is red)
    How to do this in php...please help me out...need it urgent

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    Just set a class (css) on lets say the span holding your value.

    Quick example:
    PHP Code:

    // Code above this is where you get the value(s) from your database

    if($valueDatabase 80) {
    '<span class="green">'.$valueDatabase.'</span>';
    } else if(
    $valueDatabase 50) {
    '<span class="blue">'.$valueDatabase.'</span>';
    } else {
    '<span class="red">'.$valueDatabase.'</span>';


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