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    Need a PHP help for my assignment (urgent)

    Hi I need a help for an assignment. When a user logins it should be directed the page biditems.php . I tried to do it but can't. I have only an hour to submit this.

    If you can send your email address I can send the files I have created including the database.


    create a web based solution for the following business scenario using PHP/MySQL and HTML.

    Prototype auction site Scenario

    * Any user can self-register with the system, upon providing his name, unique user name and valid email address.

    * If the user name doesn't exist, password will be generated and email to user.

    * User can use that access credentials to login to the systems.

    * User may log on or log off, and many features are available only to users who are logged on.

    * Any logged-in user may add an item. Each item is an auction. It has an owner, a closing date, and a (possibly empty) collection of bids. Adding items, user enters a description and closing date, and set the list of bids initially empty.

    * Present a list of items currently available. For each one, show the owner, description, closing date, number of bids and high bid(If Any).

    * Any logged-in user may bid on any item which has not closed. the bid must be an integer amount and must exceed the current high bid, if there is one.

    * When a bid is submitted, You must check that it meets all requirements. if not, generate an appropriate message and do not record the bid.

    * Each allowed bid creates a record containing the bidder, the amount of the bid, and the date and time the bid was submitted.

    * Anyone may display the list of bids for any item. This listing shows the biddeer, amount and date for each bid, in chronological order.

    * An item's list of bids is deleted when the items is deleted.

    * Should be created with a nice .CSS (interface)

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    dont leave your homework untill 1 hour before the deadline

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    You have one hour to complete all of this?
    You really shouldn't leave projects to the deadline..
    Or do I smell 'scam' here? :S

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    I have spent a fortnight building a site with similar functionality. If anyone can do this in an hour then you should be collecting your gold medal along with Bradley
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