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    How to create csv using importXML (Xpath)

    Good morning to everybody,

    as you maybe know on Google spreadsheet you can use only 50 inportXML functions at one sheet - unfortunately I have reached this limit soon... So I would like to ask you how create PHP which will create .csv file using this functions...

    For example: I have circa 100+ different URLs (in ImportXML function as UR1, URL2...) from which are data taken and result in csv would look like this:

    "number","Width","Length", ... etc
    001,any text + ImportXML("URL1","//tr[td/text()[contains(.,'Width')]]/td[2]"),any text + ImportXML("URL1","//tr[td/text()[contains(.,'Length')]]/td[2]"), ... etc
    002,any text + ImportXML("URL2","//tr[td/text()[contains(.,'Width')]]/td[2]"),any text + ImportXML("URL1","//tr[td/text()[contains(.,'Length')]]/td[2]"), ... etc

    Does, please, anybody know how to do that?

    With kind regards... Stefan alias "Scharfheimlich"
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