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    using a variable for xml node values

    I am using simpleXml and I am wondering if it is possible to do something like this with it:

    PHP Code:
    $simpleXmlName "'".$xmlName."'"// sets up value for simple xml tag name
    $newSimpleXML = new SimpleXMLElement($newValue);

    $newSimpleXML->{$simpleXmlName} = $status;
    //instead of:
    $newSimpleXML->{'node-value'} = $status
    I have tried this as an educated guess, didnt work though and couldnt find anything online about this scenario either.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot

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    you don’t need the quotes. these are only to denote a string ("node-value" may be a valid tag name, but not a valid variable name, hence the quotes), so $newSimpleXML->{$xmlName} should IMO suffice.
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