Hello all, I am trying to create a function which am going to call multiple times, one of the parameters will be one of two arrays. It is suppossed to return the value of each array index into a proccessing form, while the key is supposed to go into the drop down list

the arrays are

$colors = array('White' =>'white','Black'=> 'black', 'Red'=>'red','Green'=>'green','Blue'=>'blue','Yellow'=>'yellow','Orange'=>'orange');
$fancy_colors = array('cyan' => '33CCFF', 'gold' => 'F5B800', 'pink' => 'FF33CC', 'lime' => 'CCFF33');
My calls for the function are:
      selectBox($colors, "Text Color:", "textColor");
      selectBox( $colors, "Background Color:", "backColor");
      selectBox( $fancy_colors, "Box Color:", "boxColor");
My function:

  function selectBox( $list, $title, $name)
	echo "<p>""$title""<select name=""$name"">";
		foreach ($list as $key => $value)
			echo "<option value="  . "$value" .  ">" . "$key" ." </option>";
	echo "</select></p>";
	return $value;