Ok. I know the best person to ask this would be the author. But I can't since the guy am doing this for didn't buy the theme. So here's to hoping someone here can help me out.

The theme in question is Acens. Check Link for info and preview.

For my testing purposes I downloaded a copy, and to answer my question you may need to download it as well. Here's the Link.

Now to my question. I need to be able to select posts/categories on the bottom left section if the homepage just like its possible to do so on the top left section. The default selection is pages.

I have tried messing around with some theme files and found out the files that need editing are:

1. \wp-content\themes\acens\lib\admin\theme-options.php
2. \wp-content\themes\acens\lib\includes\frontpage_bottom_left_section.php

What I did worked, to an extend but not quite and its reached a point where I require some help.

I know its a big ask but I'd appreciate some help from the PHP gurus on here.

Here's to hoping.