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    echoing lists in two or three columns

    I'm hoping somebody can point me in the right direction. I have search results that display in a long-scrolling list. is there a way to have this echo into a new column of text every 20 results, for example?

    For reference, here's what i have now:
    echo "<td valign=top width=190>title<br><font size=1>";
    while($row = mysql_fetch_array($quer4)) { 
    if($row[id]==@$cat){echo "<input type='checkbox' name='option1' value='$row[id]'>$row[Name] <BR>";}
    else{echo  "<input type='checkbox' name='option1' value='$row[id]'> $row[Name] <br>";}
    echo "</font></td></tr></table>
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    If you look at your problem sideways (figuratively :-), one option seems to really pop out.
    Since tables are drawn more from the row's perspective than the column's, why don't you just make more columns by adding more <td>'s in each of your <tr>'s.

    All you would need to do is decide how many columns you wanted and use a counter in your loops.

    Furthermore, if you needed your result set to look like it's flowing in columns rather than rows, break it out into a nested array.

    That is, unless I'm totally off here
    Surely someone with a better resume` can shed some light on the issue.
    ~ Mo
    ...because it's dundant already.


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