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    need to create new line break with \n

    I am working on some hw and I need to create a new line using \n. I have putting it in all different ways with an echo, but the best I get is make \n not be visible.

    echo $var."\n";

    I will put this in a foreach loop, but all the output stays on the same line. I have read it will only work when put inside html elements, so I had the list get created inside <p></p> tags... no difference.

    I now understand why I always use <br /> for new lines... '\n' is very fickle.

    I appreciate the help

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    \n itself isn't fickle, but it is pretty specific in it's uses. If you're actually wanting new lines in you viewable text (what the user sees when looking at your script/text) then your "\n" will work. In terms of html, it wont always work. In my experience, if you're wanting new lines between tags in your html source, putting a "\n" inbetween tags will do that. If you're wanting breaks in your html text, either use <p> tags or <br />.

    I don't really know the specifics, but I know that your browser wont treat the \n as expected in some scenarios, so it's best to stick by my rule imo - break in source, \n; break in text, paragraphing or <br />.

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    As BP says, \n (inside double quotes) works for text based content (EG text files) but it doesn't work in html.

    html is exactly what its name suggests - markup language. Markup means tags to describe things. That means that any breaks are marked up using the <br> tag. That is how html works and that is why your code does not work.

    Normal text is not a markup language.

    Html is a web page. The html source is supposed to be a set of mark up INSTRUCTIONS on how to display the content. Therefore line / carriage returns are ignored.
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