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    Countdown frm last submission


    im giving full credits to tangoforce as he's written this mod for me :-)

    PHP Code:
    // 24 hr limit mod start.
                      //Get time and cal for last 24 hr time stamp
    $Time time();
    $Day = (60*60*24);
    $Time = ($Time $Day);
    $Site mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['sname']);

    //Lookup site and get its ID for next 2 queries
    $Query_Site "select * from wcddl_sites where name='$Site'";
    $Result_Site mysql_query($Query_Site);
    $Row_Site mysql_fetch_array($Result_Site);

    //Get number of downloads already stored within last 24hrs
    $Query_Downloads "select * from wcddl_downloads where sid='$Row_Site[id]' and dat > '$Time'";
    $Result_Downloads mysql_query($Query_Downloads);
    $Count_Downloads mysql_num_rows($Result_Downloads);

    //Get number of downloads in queue
    $Query_Queue "select * from wcddl_queue where sid='$Row_Site[id]'";
    $Result_Queue mysql_query($Query_Queue);
                      if (!
    $Count_Queue mysql_num_rows($Result_Queue))
    //If nothing in queue and mysql_num_rows returns false, set to 0
    $Count_Queue 0;
    //Get total count of everything submitted in last 24 hrs (inc queued items that have been submitted anytime)
    $Total_Count = ($Count_Queue $Count_Downloads $Count_Downloads);
    $i=0$i count($titles); $i++) {//Loiop through download fields
                      //Non submitted fields still set due to dropdown menu 
    can any 1 help me on displaying tha time since lats submissions..

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    Thinking about this from another approach if its just the time of the last submission you want then from the downloads table you could run another 24 hr query and order it by asc (think its asc might need to try desc if it don't work).

    Something like:
    PHP Code:
    //Get time and cal for last 24 hr time stamp
    $Time time();
    $Day = (60*60*24);
    $Time = ($Time $Day); 

    //Get number of downloads already stored within last 24hrs
    $Query_Downloads2 "select * from wcddl_downloads where sid='$Row_Site[id]' and dat > '$Time' order by dat asc limit 1";
    $Result_Downloads2 mysql_query($Query_Downloads);
    $LastSubmission mysql_fetch_array($Result_Downloads2)); 
    $LastSubmission $LastSubmission['dat']; 
    Thats theoretical - i've not tested it. If it works then it will return the timestamp of the most recent submission in the downloads table.

    It should not be run in the core but somewhere in the main page itself otherwise you risk breaking the core and we both know how fragile that is!
    I can't really think of anything to write here now...


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