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    Question Help with stopping preg_match

    How would I go about getting this to grab anything after the /swf/, except stop once it gets to a " & " or a " " " while excluding them from the $id as well?

    PHP Code:
    $s file_get_contents($VideoSite);     

    $patterns = array();
    $patterns[] = '<embed[^>]+src="(.+?)"';
    $patterns[] = '<iframe[^>]+src="(.+?)"';
    $patterns[] = '<object[^>]+src="(.+?)"';

    $patterns "#(?:" implode("|"$patterns) . ")#si";

    preg_match_all($patterns, ($s), $m);
    if (!empty(

    $edata = array();
    $m[0] as $match)
    //Getting it to stop at the & or " here:
    if (preg_match('#http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/(.+)"#si'$match$id))
    $edata[] = "[dailymotion " $id[1] . "]";

    If this could be explained, thank you!
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