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Thread: Linking Users

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    Linking Users

    Do you ever get that way were you keep thinking you know how to do it, then suddenly lose it? Well that's happening to me today, Im hoping somebody can help me.

    On twitter, as many of you are probably aware, you can follow people and in return get followed by people. Thats similar with the site i have created, however, What i want to do is to build a list of all the "connections" made by a user on the profiles. (like a friends list)

    Basically, connections meaning they follow somebody and that somebody is following them back.

    Is this possible with PHP?

    My follows table looks like this:

    id / user_id / followed_user_id / timestamp

    What i'm thinking so far: trying to grab the users that the profile_user is following but only the ones that are following back...

    This is what i tried by no luck... ( i think im way off the mark )

    PHP Code:

    $usersconnections mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `follows` WHERE `user_id` = '$profile_user_id'");
    $connections mysql_fetch_array($usersconnections);
    $findconnections mysql_query("SELECT *
    FROM `follows`
    WHERE `followed_user_id` = '$profile_user_id'
    AND `user_id` = '$connections[user_id]'
    OR `user_id` = '$profile_user_id'
    AND `followed_user_id` = '$connections[user_id]'

    $connect mysql_fetch_assoc($findconnections);

    It's a tough one to explain, i hope this makes sense. Let me know if you need more info...
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    What about:

    SELECT *
    FROM follows as f1
    WHERE f1.user_id = $profile_user_id
        SELECT 1 FROM follows as f2
        WHERE f2.user_id = f1.followed_user_id)


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