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    An Elegant Table Mapping Form???

    I need an input form that displays the existing columns of a table and
    allows the user to input new names into each field.

    The idea, as you probably know, is to map a couple of tables. My approach
    was to extract the column names from the first table, loop through them all,
    generate a form for each column, and collect them all. I'd then loop through
    all the records of the new input file, and build the new one.
    tables. But this strikes me as pretty wasteful, and something this
    useful must either already be available, or should be much, much more
    elegant. Like an existing form that already allows this. Or outputs
    the input and output lists of names as one or two SQL tables. Or maybe
    just a way to write entire columns all at once?

    Is the brute force method the best I can do, or not?


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    How about this ...

    Test it out too ... they use AJAX for immediate on-screen changes.

    I haven't tried it out yet myself, but it looks interesting.
    The download file has a lot of examples too.



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