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    Question AJAX post returning 500 Internal Server Error on Live Server

    I created a script where a user can select from a variety of

    shipping options for an order from within a jQuery dialog box. The

    shipping rates are delivered via UPS & FedEx. Oddly enough, the

    script works fine on my development machine, but on the live server,

    Firebug returns a "500 Internal Server Error"

    Here is what my jQuery looks like:

    // Open the dialog, start with the "loading page"

    bgiframe: true,
    autoOpen: true,
    position: 'center',
    title: 'Select Shipping Method',
    width: 400,
    height: 400,
    modal: true,
    buttons: {
    'Apply Shipping': function() {
    var bValid = true;

    if (bValid) {
    var fship =

    var arr =

    var shipPrice =

    var shipMeth =


    var subOrder =


    ($('#customer-discount').val() != 'false') {
    var minDis =

    subOrder * ("."+$("#customer-discount").val());
    var nTotal =

    subOrder - minDis;

    var orderTotal

    = nTotal + parseFloat(shipPrice) + parseFloat($("#tax").val()); /*

    Order Total minus customer discount */

    else {
    var orderTotal

    = parseFloat(subOrder) + parseFloat(shipPrice) +

    parseFloat($("#tax").val()); /* Order Total, No Discount */




    'Close Window': function() {

    close: function() {

    // This portion actually runs the PHP code to get the

    rate results from UPS & FedEx
    type: "POST",
    url: "func/shipping_selection.php",
    data: "shipid=" + $("#customer-ship-id").val()

    + "&cartid=" + $("#cart_id").val(),
    success: function(html){


    The dialog opens a loader page (with gif) and that portion works fine.

    Once the AJAX post is complete (shipping_selection.php), it is

    supposed to update the "sLookup" div with the HTML from the

    shipping_selection.php page. Like I said, it works perfectly on my

    testing server, but fails on the live server. Both are running PHP


    Also, notice in the attached images that the 'shipping_selection.php'

    is actually working...rate results are returned from both UPS and

    FedEx, however something is failing on the AJAX success function.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails AJAX post returning 500 Internal Server Error on Live Server-shipping-loader.jpg   AJAX post returning 500 Internal Server Error on Live Server-shipping-firebug-500-internal.jpg  

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    The image shows the shipping_selection.php file is not there on the server.


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