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    Store IP in a database

    Hello Guys,

    I just want to know if anyone has a script that allows me to store IP address to mySQl database.

    Thank you

    (i will be blocking people from .htaccess file)
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    Actually its pretty simple.

    Create a table in the database "user_ip"
    depending on how you'd like to record the IPs, there are many ways of collecting and store the data from time/data, user's ip ..etc

    use this to get the user's IP address.
    PHP Code:
    $ipaddress $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; 
    To add the user's IP into the database, (very simple idea)
    PHP Code:
    $sql_action mysql_query("INSERT INTO user_ip SET ipaddress = '$ipaddress'"); 
    and thats the general Idea, but I still dont know how you'd like it to run, such as record all users, or record users that do something you dont like.



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