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Thread: Php ftp

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    Php ftp

    Im trying to put together a PHP FTP client and ive recently hit a wall regarding downloading files. From what i can gather ftp_get will download the file from an FTP server to the webserver. But what i need is to download a file from an FTP site to the client, using a webserver's front end. Much like.. http://www.webftp.co.uk/. Is there anywhere out there that explains how to go about this, im not sure what to look for.

    Any tips welcome!!

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    As long as you want to keep the PHP server in between, as a relay for the data, you have to do a download in 2 steps, first ftp_get the file from the FTP site to your site and then send the file to the client via HTTP.

    I´ve recently had a similar problem, where the solution looks like this: click here

    You only have to replace my DB-read with your ftp_get


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