Hello everyone!

I'm looking around on how to link an output field of a database and when a user clicks on it, to open a new page with all the database container. What i have just now is the output code only:

PHP Code:
include 'D:/Program Files/VertrigoServ/www/live/admini/includet/variabla.php';
include (
BPATH '/includet/dbconfig.php');
include (
BPATH '/includet/dblidhja.php');
$query="SELECT * FROM `ndeshje` ORDER BY `ndeshje`.`ora`";

<br /><br /><center><div class="ndeshjeshfaq">
<table width="598" border="0" align="center" class="ndeshjekoka">
          <td width="50" class="ndshfaqora">Ora</td>
           <td width="90" class="ndshfaqdata">Data</td>
        <td width="315" class="ndshfaqndeshja">Emri</td>

while (
$i $num) {
<table width="598" border="0">
      <td width="50" class="ndshfaqora"><?php echo $ora;  ?></td>
    <td width="90" class="ndshfaqdata"><?php echo $data;  ?></td>
    <td width="315" class="ndshfaqndeshja"><a href="index.php?id=<?php echo $id;  ?>"><?php echo $ndeshja;  ?></a></td>
The output looks like :

18:25 01.03.2010 Transformers 2 - Premiere
where Transformers 2 - Premiere is linked /index.php?id=$id

Until there is ok, but now, i don't know how to continue. I need that, when i click on that link, to load a new page with all database output of that id (in our example case, when i click on "Transformers 2 - Premiere" i need a page where should load the date, the time of movie, the date of movie and the trial of that movie.)


Hope that i have explained good what i need and i was understandable.

Waiting for your help!

Thank you in advance!