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    Automatic Post to vBulletin

    Is this a good idea? Any comments on this? It doesn't have a CAPTCHA or anything...

    I need to have a PHP script on a different server than a vBulletin forum. I need the PHP script to automatically login and create a new thread on a certain forum category.

    The reason for this, as many of you may ask, is for my news system to post news on a forum that typically has news from this type of site on it. It would be much more efficient than doing this manually.

    Please give me some starters/comments?

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    I'm assuming this is your forum.
    I would make a password protected directory with a simple form to input your thread title and message and tags. Then the submit script would simply login to mySQL and add a row to a table with a simple predesignated category id (category id for news), and all the other information.
    I can help you more in depth but I don't wanna write the whole script for you. If you need this contact me via PM, but I'd rather just simple, detailed how-to questions.
    Hope this gave you a good start,


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