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    PHP FFMEPG Encoding to FLV not encoding but no error

    My Server allows the system command and has got all of the ffmepg files required install i used the ffmpeg-installer

    but for some reason i cant get ffmpeg to encode the files now this script is copied from another site in google after my way would not work and i get the same result can any one provide some insight into why this is not working?
    PHP Code:
    function encodeFile($srcFile){
    $ext end(explode('.',$srcFile));
    $destFile str_replace($ext'flv'$srcFile);
    $ffmpegPath "/usr/bin/ffmpeg";
    $flvtool2Path "/usr/bin/flvtool2";
    // Create our FFMPEG-PHP class
    $ffmpegObj = new ffmpeg_movie($srcFile);
    // Save our needed variables
    $srcWidth makeMultipleTwo($ffmpegObj->getFrameWidth());
    $srcHeight makeMultipleTwo($ffmpegObj->getFrameHeight());
    $srcFPS $ffmpegObj->getFrameRate();
    $srcAB intval($ffmpegObj->getAudioBitRate()/1000);
    $srcAR $ffmpegObj->getAudioSampleRate();
    // Call our convert using exec()
    exec($ffmpegPath " -i " $srcFile " -ar " $srcAR " -ab " $srcAB " -f flv -s " $srcWidth "x" $srcHeight " " $destFile " | " $flvtool2Path " -U stdin " $destFile);
    // Make multiples function
    function makeMultipleTwo ($value)
    $sType gettype($value/2);
    $sType == "integer")
        } else {
        return (
    /* The Video has changed and needs reencoding */
    $folderPath "";
    $path explode('/'$_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']);
    $i 0$i count($path); $i++){
    $i != (count($path)-1) && $i != (count($path)-1)){
    $folderPath .= $path[$i]."/";
    $folderPath .= "files/flash/";
    $target_path "";
    $names explode('.'$_FILES['tabVideo']['name']);
    $i 0$i count($names) -1$i++){
    $filenameTemp_1 .= $names[$i];
    $filenameTemp_1 .= time().".".end(explode('.'$_FILES['tabVideo']['name']));
    $target_path $folderPath $filenameTemp_1 
    move_uploaded_file($_FILES['tabVideo']['tmp_name'], $target_path);
    $tmp end(explode('.'$_FILES['tabVideo']['name']));
    $tmp str_replace($tmp'flv'$_FILES['tabVideo']['name']);
    $sql "UPDATE `flash_content` SET `video`='/files/flash/".$tmp."' WHERE `id`='2'";
    $sql "UPDATE `flash_content` SET `title`='".$_POST['tabContentTitle']."' AND `text`='".$_POST['tabContent']."' WHERE `id`='11'";
    header("Location: index.php?state=home");

    And the file is being saved to the filepath provided /files/flash/video.avi
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