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    global array or object(without class)


    i came across config file of moodle and saw that most of the code in config is as follows

    PHP Code:
     /// Moodle Configuration File 


    $CFG->dbtype    'mysql';
    $CFG->dbhost    'localhost';
    $CFG->dbname    'moodle';
    $CFG->dbuser    'user';
    $CFG->dbpass    'pass';
    $CFG->dbpersist =  false;
    $CFG->prefix    '';

    $CFG->wwwroot   'http://moodle.local';
    $CFG->dirroot   'C:\eclipsepdt\workspace\moodle';
    $CFG->dataroot  'C:\eclipsepdt\workspace\moodle\moodledata';
    $CFG->admin     'admin';

    $CFG->directorypermissions 00777;  // try 02777 on a server in Safe Mode

    $CFG->passwordsaltmain '@#$!%^&!@etLflh4+3Q?}@3)(~=LkS[2RfpOezD';

    in another package config settings were like
    PHP Code:

    [dbtype]    = 'mysql';
    $config[dbhost]    = 'localhost';
    $config[dbname]    = 'project';
    $config[dbuser]    = 'user';
    $config[dbpass]    = 'pass';
    $config[dbpersist] =  false;
    $config[prefix]    = ''
    i have used code like second example but i have never seen code like first example. from the look it is object but it is without class and i see no difference in using associative array instead of this.

    am i missing something?

    i checked php manual but could not find answer.

    please guide me in right direction


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    The first is object based, though I'm not sure how it actually works since the first line is to destroy the variable $CFG. $CFG is an instance of an object, if I had to guess it would probably be called Config or something similar for its classname.
    Objects have a benefit, they can be controlled. Unlike array's, you can force you're objects to reject random stuff (by default, they do not, you need to override the __set method to throw an exception). This is to retain backwards compatibility with PHP4.

    Objects have a slightly stronger approach; with PHP's datatype weakness arrays and objects are the only two things that can be controlled in functions / methods parameter signatures. This is a huge advantage. As stated above though, arrays cannot be guaranteed to contain what is expected, unlike a class.
    PHP Code:
    function doSomethingWithArray(array $a)
    // Do something with an array.  We don't know whats in it though, so we need to check
        // each offset individually

    doSomethingWithObject(IConfiguration $config)
    // This throws an exception if the provided argument is not a type of IConfiguration.
        // Interfaces and classes guarantee what we expect, so we don't need to check.

    PHP Code:
    header('HTTP/1.1 420 Enhance Your Calm'); 
    Been gone for a few months, and haven't programmed in that long of a time. Meh, I'll wing it ;)

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    Thanks for the reply. now picture is more clear.


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