Hello, I am new with php and I have a problem with listing data from array.
I have function getAllDates() where I collect all dates from my DB and
I have function getChefBar($datum, $schicht) where I get value ("bar")
for specific day that I need. These two functions are working correct.
So I tried to make another function (function getEarnedMoneyForDay ($datum))
where I want to get value that I need ("bar") for all days, but I have a very
little knowledge and I am failing to do so. When I type this getChefBar($dates[$datum]) I am getting nothing and my intention is to get
value for every day. So if please someone can tell me how to get this value form array. Thanks in advance

PHP Code:
function getAllDates(){
$selectAllDates "SELECT s.datum, s.schicht FROM schichtumsatz s ORDER BY s.datum ASC, schicht DESC";        
$dates mysql_query($selectAllDates);  
$row_dates mysql_fetch_array($dates);
    while (
$row_dates) {
$result[] = $row_dates["datum"];
$row_dates mysql_fetch_array($dates);
$chef_data="SELECT s.datum, s.schicht, s.bargeld, s.kassiert, s.belege, s.gutschein, s.rechnung, s.sonstiges, s.umsatz 
        FROM schichtumsatz s
        WHERE s.datum = "
        AND s.schicht = '"
        ORDER BY s.datum ASC    

$chef_query mysql_query($chef_data); 
$row_chef mysql_fetch_array($chef_query) ){
$eingegeben $row_chef["bargeld"] + $row_chef["belege"] + $row_chef["gutschein"] + $row_chef["rechnung"] + $row_chef["sonstiges"];
$bar $eingegeben $row_chef["gutschein"] - $row_chef["rechnung"] - $row_chef["sonstiges"] - $row_chef["belege"];

$schichtA 'A';
$dates getAllDates();
$count .' ';
$partresult =  getChefBar($dates[$datum],$schichtA);
$result $result $partresult;