I had a thread about this on another section (hope i'm not breaking any rules here) To make a long story(thread) short here is the other thread explaining the situation http://www.codingforums.com/showthread.php?t=181358

But the hosting company has e-mailed me back the problem and that is that the file can't be submitted to their server because they don't have a shared temp folder like others.

so basically the area of my php code needs to point to a different accessable folder is what I've gathered.

This is the code
PHP Code:


if( (
$_SESSION['security_code']==$_POST['security_code']) && (!empty($_POST['security_code'])) ) { 
// File upload handling
$field_12_filename "file_7_".date("sihdmY").substr($_FILES['field_7']['name'],strlen($_FILES['field_7']['name'])-4);
move_uploaded_file($_FILES['field_7']['tmp_name'], "./files/".$field_7_filename)){
"File " .  $_FILES['field_7']['name'] . " was not uploaded.");

mail("blank@yahoo.com","phpFormGenerator - Form submission","Form data:

First Name: " 
$_POST['field_1'] . 
Last Name: " 
$_POST['field_2'] . 
Job Name: " 
$_POST['field_3'] . 
Phone: " 
$_POST['field_5'] . 
E-Mail: " 
$_POST['field_4'] . 

Questions / Comments: " 
$_POST['field_6'] . 
Submit File: "
.$where_form_is."files/".$field_7_filename." (original file name: " $_FILES['field_7']['name'] . ")

 powered by phpFormGenerator.

else {
"Invalid Captcha String.";


is there a way i can create a folder that will be writtable on the server that can store these to be emailed and attached?