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    domxml error php

    i get an error for the following code in which i am trying to append to an xml file with data from the data base. I get the error only when i upload the file to my host 1and1 and on my local system i donot have any problems.

    $obj=new db();
    $qry="select order_id from orders";
      $doc = new DOMDocument(); 
      $doc->formatOutput = true; 
      $r = $doc->createElement( "orders" ); 
      $doc->appendChild( $r ); 
      $b = $doc->createElement( "order" ); 
      $num = $doc->createElement( "num" ); 
      $num->appendChild( $doc->createTextNode( $orders[$i] ) ); 
      $b->appendChild( $num ); 
      $r->appendChild( $b ); 
      echo $doc->saveXML(); 
    I googled as much as i could and found out that the
    extension=php_domxml.dll {for windows}
    extension=php_domxml.so {for linux}

    must be commented out in the php.ini file.

    i did that as well and uploaded my own version of the php.ini file on the root and the directory from where i was calling this code, but no luck....

    does any one know what the issue is, AM I USING FUNCTIONS OR STANDARDS WHICH HAVE BEEN DEPRECATED.

    Im using linux hosting by the way.

    following is the error that i get.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method: domdocument->createelement() in /homepages/39/d284887719/htdocs/admin/OFS/includes/dataset/write_orders.php on line 16
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